Remotely turn off Alarmserver panic button

Continuing the discussion from DSC -> EVL-3(4) -> Alarmserver -> Smartthings:

Hi Jordan,

I’m curious about the features of the panic button on the alarm-server panel. I like the idea of being able to trigger the siren when one of my camera’s register a motion and I see someone sneaking around windows or doors when I’m not at home. I have try this out and it works great. Thanks for all this.

Problem is I could turn the siren ON but not OFF. The solution was to enter the CODE in the config file of the alarm-server.

But this means I can also ask Alexa or my Echo Dot to turn off the system and like magic the alarm is turned OFF. The chances that someone from the outside can command Alexa to turn the system OFF is almost zero. But why take the risk? :wink:

Is there another possibility to do this? I would like something like with my August Lock. I can ask Alexa to LOCK the door, but not the other way around. I know that with August you can also enter the PIN so that you can command Alexa to UNLOCK the door. But I choose not enter this PIN.

Can I Avoid Alexa from turning the Alarm System OFF despite that I have entered the CODE in the Config file? Or Is there the possibility of turning the PANIC button OFF without having to enter the CODE in the config file?

Many thanks for any help you can provide.

PS. By the way I sometimes try to follow all the updates, etc but sometimes I get a little confuse what’s NEW. Is there a way I can check if the *.cfg or *.py files I’m using are the latests versions?