Remotec ZFM-80 Dry Contact Module Pairing Issues

Anyone have any issues getting this simple ZWave device to work? All my other devices are working correctly and I have power to the device and manually appears to be working correct. Anything I can try before emailing support?

Instructions say the single button is also the ‘program/learn’ mode so I don’t know what else to try.

Thanks in advance.

You may have to exclude it before it will include. That’s tricky, because it takes two very tightly spaced presses of that button.

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That worked! Bruce saves the day again. You seriously should be on staff with Smartthings…you’re too good at this stuff.

HaHa, lucky guess on my part. I just know this was an issue with the LFM-20 relay.

I am having the same problem. How do I exclude it first before I include it?

My hub got reset and I can’t pair the remotec dry contact in pairing. I assume i have to reset the switch to factory, but can’t find any instructions of how to do this. Anyone know?

I am new to all of this. I just put in a SmatThings hub and tried to add the new ZFM-80… The ZFM-80 gave me rapid flashing - which seemed to indicate error by the instructions. I put my hub in exclusion mode and then pressed the button on the ZFM-80 twice… That excluded an “unknown z-wave device”. I then was able to add it with no problem.