Remotec Z-Thermostat (configuration with Z-Wave Commands)

Hi Dennis

I got it working in Degrees C thank you :slight_smile:
I changed all the “F” to “C” in the code, and changed all the scale 1 (F) to scale 0 ( C) or could use Scale 2 to use the setting from the device (which i had to degrees C)
Also instead of using either of the above, i also tried unit: getTemperatureScale() which also works.

Then the device started to respond with 2 temperatures, e.g. 20C and 41C which had me confused for a while, as 41F is 5C so I thought it was also returning the min temp setting. But then i realised it was reporting Humidity in C as the code didn’t have the capability to deal with humidity so reported it as C instead. So added capability “Relative Humidity Measurement” and sure enough the device reported 41 with a unit of “%” .

I extracted some code from here thanks to Minollo :slight_smile: and used the code from there to add a tile for humidity :

  •    valueTile("humidity", "device.humidity", width: 2, height: 2) {
     	state("humidity", label:'${currentValue}°', unit:"%"


    def zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.sensormultilevelv3.SensorMultilevelReport cmd)
     log.debug "SensorMultilevelReport ${cmd}"
   	def map = [:]
   	switch (cmd.sensorType) {
   		case 1:
   			// temperature
   			map.value = cmd.scaledSensorValue.toString()
   			map.unit = cmd.scale == 1 ? "F" : "C" = "temperature"
   		case 5:
   			// humidity
   			map.value = cmd.scaledSensorValue.toInteger().toString()
   			map.unit = "%" = "humidity"

Thanks a lot for the pointer to get me started , finally got it all working in C also with humidity :slight_smile:

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Just for reference we were contacted by the manufacturer last year and added official support for the ZTS-110 and ZTS-500 in this custom device handler. If you have access to rboy apps you can try it out, it also has support for other features unique to the ZTS series like deadband synchronization, filter replacement status/rest (UI for the classic app) etc. More details can be found on that topic. Here is some feedback from ZTS-500 users.

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Great Work. What model thermostat do you have that reports humidity?

Hi Dennis, its not a Remotec Thermostat , I started out searching for code to modify when i found this post.
I have the electric underfloor heating version of this cheap device :
It seems quite unbranded, it came with very limited instructions and no software, but now works perfectly and with Smartthings thank you :slight_smile:

and in ActionTiles:

There is no fan, I stripped all that out of the DH but cant seem to find out to remove that FanCirculate , but I very happy now its all working.