Remote Reset Skybell

Skybell often gets into problem where history will not show. Called tech and was told that a reboot is required. Basically power on and off. So any idea on how to remote reset it using Smartthings with some power plug or switch etc and the wiring?

Only thing I can suggest is putting a mini Zwave relay in the gang box that powers your doorbell transformer. Qubino and Fibraro have small ones that would fit inside.

I suggest this assuming your transformer is wired like mine where it’s power comes from a breaker feeding other outlets/switches.

Yes. They are powered by the transformer. However, I am not an expert and not sure of wiring. Any easy references online somewhere?

Search YouTube or Google for replacing bell transformer. I found this as an example:

You will see there are high voltage (120v) wires within a junction box. You can install a relay inside the gang box that will then control the positive (black) wire going to the transformer - that will be come the load on the switch/relay.

The following relay/switches from @TheSmartestHouse should work and fit inside the gang box:

These are all very small devices that can fit inside a gang box and behind the plate your transformer is attached to. You could even install another gang box beside your existing one with a normal smart switch too if you prefer not to use a small relay.

Installation instructions and ST device handlers for each of these devices can be found on the bottom of each page listed above at the Smartest House’s website.

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