Remote Physical Button Press

Is anyone aware of a ST-integrated option for physically pressing a remote button? The case case involved (pellet stove) has an option for remote temperature change, but not the remote on/off capability that I’m seeking. I imagine something that could turn a corkscrew or some other mechanical devices could be retrofitted onto the device to remote start up, but the only thing I have found so far is some random remote servos and things with varying levels of Bluetooth → WiFi bridging involved, like the SwitchBot. Searching the forums here skews (understandably) towards traditional smart switches/buttons vs retrofittable smart switches.

Thanks in advance for any leads/direction if the topic has been brought up before and I’m just looking in the wrong place.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary, as well as the shape of a typical switch.

What does the switch look like exactly?

Switchbot is a perfectly reasonable choice and is available in both the EU and the US. I use these myself in my own home for some situations.

There are some other devices which can work directly with a smartthings hub, but again, the selection varies by country and shape of the switch to actuated.


This has me curious… What type of button is it, momentary, or toggle?

I was just thinking the switch could be replaced with a Zigbee/Zwave one?

Most of the actuators that come to mind are manipulating water valves.

edit: I see JD responded, I think you are in good hands!

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@blkwll brings up a good point, in addition to button pushers and smart switch covers, there are also some valve turners, typically used for water valves. But again, we need to know what country you’re in in order to recommend the right devices. :sunglasses:

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Thanks guys. US here. Here is a link to the control board in question. No way other than soldering a $300 board to change pin outs and wire in something custom.

US Stove 80778 Circuit Board Assembly

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And what does the switch look like that you want to actuate? You can post a picture if that’s easier. :sunglasses:

Well, If that Amazon link is the control panel, I don’t have much to offer other than possibly adapting one of those Zigbee or Z-wave swing-arm valve actuators to work like a finger.

Just to share an idea I had a while back. I was thinking of a way to combine a 12 volt LED Zigbee on/off switch with an vehicle power lock actuator to do something similar.

I know this forum is full of geniuses who could maybe help with this. I put this project aside, but here are the two components I was considering, so, food for thought…


The mini one channel Zigbee LED controller claims to be rated a 5 Amps and the power lock acuator has been verified by an Amazon purchaser to work well at 5 amps.

A small investment for experimentation, and I eventually will.

The LED controller could easily be substituted by a zigbee plug-in switch and a DC powersupply.

I think these actuators reverse with polarity, so a relay is the component I am missing.

I’ve been thinking about this today, and for your needs, I think this could work.

You could use a Smartthings compatible AC plug-in switch, then connect a 12v power adapter, then connect the power adapter to the actuator. This actuator has a spring return, so when power switch powers off, it returns to the original position.

Here’s a video that shows how they work, although not the exact actuator.

Anyway, I suppose you’d need to make a mounting bracket allowing some adjustments, and put some sort of rubbery tip on it. Also would need to have an automation that turns the power on, then off relatively quickly, but it all seems doable.

Anyway… might not be worth the trouble, but thought I’d share was going 'round my head.

The following project has been around for about 15 years, but it’s a good discussion of the basics:

But the Switchbot is easy, relatively inexpensive, and integrates with smartthings, so as long as you’re OK with a cloud to cloud integration, that’s what I mostly use in my own house these days. Here’s a review I did for the forum:

2020 Switchbot Review ( robot button pusher), integration through IFTTT or new V3 app

And another look at how it works:

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Nice, I hadn’t seen any of that. The Switchbot is particularly impressive. It sort reminds me of the way those water valves work.

I think if the circuit boards for the valves were made available, they would be a hit, considering there aren’t many “smart” polarity reversing options available. But I suppose $30 from China is a bargain, even if you only used the board.

I’m still stuck on those cheap automobile power lock actuators, the simple double action just has so many possibilities. I suppose I will see if I can manage a pulse from a multi-channel LED controller, using one channel to drive power and another to “pulse” and reverse the polarity on a latching relay…(although there’s probably an analog solution somewhere). But it’s fun to experiment if nothing else.

Thanks for the links!

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On another note, I really hadn’t looked much into the IFTTT WiFi integrations. That really does expand the possibilites.

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