Remote key fob for my mom

I’m asking this here because of the massive knowledge base.

My mother has recently become very ill. My parents live across town and they don’t always have access to their cell phones.

I am wanting a key fob type of device that she can use that will send me a signal when she needs my help.

I’m going to use the iris key fob while she’s at my house, but I need something remote.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Something like this

She’s very adept at using technology and she has a note 4 for the phone.

I was thinking of something like a device she could wear as a lanyard that would send and alert via Wi-Fi.

Something always available to get, in the bath, or shower, or wherever if she was in pain and unable to walk into the other room to get her phone.

Something like the life alert without the costs and fees.

QMote from QBlinks might fit the bill.

I got a pair of them from their Kickstarter campaign.
They have different programmable click codes (such as a short click followed by a hold being one thing and then two short clicks being another).
They also support IFTTT.

You could use it bluetooth to her phone. As long as she is in range, it would work.

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Thank you…

Lots of “panic buttons” able to be integrated with SmartThings and perhaps other RF protocols.

I would avoid dependence on a mobile phone – too likely to be out of range or dead battery.



Sorry to hear about your mother.

As someone who requires this kind of device myself, I’m happy to report that the market has really improved in the last 10 years, and there are now a number of devices of this type, quite inexpensive, that work very well.

This was recently discussed in the following topic. Make sure you follow the links there, including to the consumer reports discussion. Those are all lanyard devices.

Although The use case that initiated that topic is about someone who fell and blacked out, all of the commercial solutions for that problem also have a manual button that can be pressed to initiate the alert on demand, so they also solve your problem. :sunglasses:

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