Remote Car Starter integration?

First things first, this is awesome!

I have a few questions. I am hoping someone has already played around with this, if not I will do the leg work to test and figure it out.

  1. Is there a way to integrate the device handler into WebCore? I am trying to build a failsafe…if car starts then open garage door.

  2. How does Alexa interact with the device handler?

@rleonard55 I just got smartstart and am trying this and it doesnt work. I notice as the login url but that is an installer url and since viper is installed by partners only I can’t log into this. Thoughts?

Looks like its been a while since last reply. I would love to be able to use on-star to start via this app (and eventually Alexa). since I haven’t seen a skill from GMC/Chevy/On-Star…

Disregard… I figured out the problem.

I take it this is no longer working or a viable device handler?

Any help greatly appreciated


In case anyone here in interested, based on the advise of some others I have added a seperate post to release the “2.0” version of the Viper Smart Start device handler.

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Rich, I apologize it has been so long (somehow update notifications weren’t getting through before). You are mostly right that the colt.calamp-ts is a ‘vendor’ site. That is what viper uses in the background to power “SmartStart”. If you are still interested you should take a look [Release] Vehicle Remote Start (SmartStart) Integration it is updated in a lot of ways and should help you get going. FYI the viper smartstart login credentials should work both in the DH and at directly if you want to give it a go. Best of luck.


FYI - In case you are sill trying to get this working you might want to try [Release] Vehicle Remote Start (SmartStart) Integration as it has updated allot since the version here. Also don’t forget to use the gear cog and enter your SmartStart credentials (I’m guessing that was your original issue) either that our you had a special character in your password that doesn’t parse to a web address nicely (that happened to me originally)

I have the viper smart start app too, is there a way for (bixby) the galaxy note 9 (alexa) to auto start my car with smart things???