Remote button recommendation

Hello! I’m looking for a button to keep by my bedside to turn off a z wave light when I don’t have my phone. I found this, but it seems a little overkill:
Any recommendations?

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Check out the buttons FAQ, there are several dozen options there. Some are mains powered and some are battery powered, so read the descriptions carefully to find ones that match what you want.

If you have any follow-up questions on a specific device, either ask in this thread or in the discussion thread for that device – – don’t ask those questions in the FAQ, it’s just supposed to be the listing of the devices. Thanks! :sunglasses:

( This is a clickable link)

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Thanks to both of you. I’m reading the FAQ now.

Might be too big of a form factor but makes it easy to use. I’m a big fan of these:

Despite the dimmer name, they operate as a button device in SmartThings.


Most of the items on the FAQ are ZigBee. My mesh is Z Wave. My bedroom may be partially blocked by shower wall tile, but the Z Wave mesh is good there, so I think I’m going to wait until Aeotec Minimote is available later this year.

True: Zigbee has somewhat better power management, so may be a better match to small form factor battery operated devices.

That said, there are quite a few zwave battery operated devices in the FAQ:

Cooper anywhere Switch
GoControl smart switch cover (2 button device)
Remotec zrc90 (8 buttons)
Fibaro button
Nodon Octan Remote (8 buttons)
Aeotec wallmote quad (4 buttons)
Nexia one touch (5 buttons)
Fibaro keyfob (6 buttons)
Ecolink smart switch (Looks like a light switch)

They just tend to look more like light switches then small buttons. But then some people prefer that for a nightstand switch. So as always, different things work for different people.

I do always caution people about waiting on Aeotec for devices to come to market. They’ve been known to take years between announcement and actual sale. No problem waiting if you want to see if they do bring out the nanomote, but no guarantees. :sunglasses:

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Also, depending how techie you are. I have not tried this but some have made it work.

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These are my favorite. No wiring. If there’s ever an issue with ST, I just pop it off and I still have lights.

That’s really cool!

The Amazon buttons are cool but limited for a couple of reasons.

First, the battery is not replaceable, so the device is good for around 1000 pushes for the first generation and around 2000 for the second. So a lot depends on how often you are going to use it.

Second, there is a cloud component. Some of the other buttons do not require a cloud

Third, it’s a Wi-Fi device, which means it’s using up a slot on your Wi-Fi router, also, it’s sharing the network with all your other Wi-Fi devices, so if somebody in your house is watching Netflix, it might delay the processing of your panic button. That’s the primary reason that security systems generally don’t put a panic button on Wi-Fi. (but then they don’t put it on Z wave, either, so that may not matter to you).

Also it’s technically a much more complex setup than any of the other devices we’ve discussed. But again that may not matter to you.

So certainly worth considering, as long as you understand what it is. :sunglasses:


Anybody have a side by side pic of this SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY ZigBee 2 Button Wireless Dimmer Switch and the Third Reality Wireless switch?

I ended up buying two NodOn Soft Remotes. I really like them.