Remote 2wire heat control

I have a 24v two wire heat only control that I would like to control with a remote thermometer.

The control in in my basement but controls the radiant heat on the second floor and I do not wand to run a thermostat wire. Can I control this in some other way?


I guess I am just wondering if I could even just control a outlet with the SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor?
Sorry If this is a silly question I am new to this but did a search (well at least on the 2 wire heat issue)

But I guess i could run the 24v transformer right from a controlled outlet if it can control it based on temp.

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Anyone …

Here are the options.

If it’s not a huge problem then run the thermostat wiring to the second floor. It makes more sense to have it there instead of the basement. I would run a cat 5 wire and install a transformer at the control in the basement so you will have the C wire for smart thermostat.
Can’t run the wiring then you can have the thermostat in the basement but a remote sensor on the second floor with Ecobee thermostat.
The last option. You can install a dry contact smart relay to turn on the furnace with a temp sensor on the second floor but this option is not the most reliable for sure.

I can’t do the thermostat wire myself or I would have already unfortunately. I’ll have to dry the sensor and a switch. I think I have the right parts coming from Amazon now.

Thank you for your reply.