Remodel tips and advice on switches lighting and fans


I am doing a total remodel (down to the studs) and will be using smarthings. I will be adding the Sylvana SYLVANIA LED RT5/6 RGBW and the Sylvana SYLVANIA Smart RT5/6 Tunable White lights. Since these lights are “smart” do I need to get a “smart switch” if so whats the point and which would you recommend?

Also since I want to control my fans which will not be smart I will be adding one of these 2: GE In-Wall Smart Fan Control GE 12730 or Leviton 3 Speed Fan Controller VRF01-1LZ. The GE is $40 the Levitron is $80 is there any difference?

I did the walkthrough with the electrician today so if there are any other tips I should think of would love to hear them. Planning on adding the Samsung HD pro cams, Ring Pro Door bell, The garage controller, door and window sensors even thinking of an ecobee3 with sensors and the keen vents.

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