Remo+ DoorCam

Remo+ DoorCam

How do I add it to smartthings?

I look like a ring doorbell to me.

It doesn’t have local access to the feed over wifi. And I don’t see anything about cloud integration with IFTTT or anything. I don’t think you can.

Umm, it doesn’t look anything like a Ring Doorbell and even if it did, that doesn’t signify that it will pair like one. At the moment it doesn’t look like there is any official or unofficial support for this device.

What makes you think it does not look like a ring video doorbell first generation?


V.S. This:

Aside from being silver at the bottom and black at the top, they’re the same in the same way that a Nissan is the same as a Toyota.

Either way, looking similar is not an indication of compatibility.

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I agree. All kinds of tech gadgets that become very popular end up spawning “me-too” devices that look similar.

I agree what I meant was it looks similar to a ring doorbell

Still Hoping has anyone got this to work with SmartThings?