Remind me that I didn't hang up my keys

Instead of rigging up a special customer device, i was thinking that this is another place the SmartThings Multi could shine. Most key storage setups feature a series of hooks attached to a backing that is mounted to a wall. If you attach (glue/tape) a SmartThings Multi to the backing of the holder the smartapp could read like this “on presence, schedule 10 min wait, notify (I’m hungry for your keys!) / on acceleration cancel schedule”

Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, that’s exactly my current situation at home. I have a wall-mounted shelf with a series of hooks underneath. I’d be willing to change the setup for the right solution, thought.

I’m not really sure which sensor you’re talking about. This one? =>!/products/samsung-smartthings-motion-sensor

Another option I just noticed is the “arrival sensor”!/products/samsung-smartthings-arrival-sensor

But I think that the downside to this idea is that it will nag me every single time I come home, so over time I would probably just start ignoring it. It would really work best if it only chirps at me specifically when it determines that the keys are not placed in their proper location within x minutes of arrival.

I don’t seem to be having any luck finding a pressure sensor that works with the SmartThings hub, though.!/products/samsung-smartthings-multipurpose-sensor

I agree… hence the

If you have a metal key ring (the part that hangs on the hook), you can use two nails or metal hooks close together (but not touching) as the hook, such that when the keys hang, the key ring makes contact with both nails / hooks. Then you hook up the two nails to an open / close sensor with a contact sensor, like the Schlage RS100HC, which has contacts that you can hook up. From there it’s a simple matter to monitor the state of the switch and warn when it’s not closed after a certain period of time.

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Brilliant… you could use a moisture sensor and ensure the keys make contact with the two pins. Just mount the centralite leak sensor with the pins toward the keys.

You could also have the keys on the hook pull down a pressure sensor contact. You can make these very cheaply if they don’t have to take much weight.

There’s a lot of discussion in the smart chair project topic.

Pretty much any sensor that can detect a change that you know will only happen when the keys are there can be used.

You could put an upside down cup on a string hanging above the sensor with a light indicator, so that when you put the keys on the hook at the end of the string the cup gets pulled down over the light sensor and when you pick the keys up again the cup goes back up above it.

So some methods require more precision, like hitting the two contacts on the moisture sensor, and others you just have to get in the general vicinity. And still others use the weight of the keys to move something physically which then triggers the sensor.

Lots of options. :sunglasses:

If it was me, I would just use a box with a drawer with a contact sensor. Or use a cookue jar with a motion sensor on the lid. That’s how a lot of medication compliance tracking works. Super easy to set up. Of course somebody could open the drawer and not actually put the keys in, so it all depends on your use case. Would the person actually open the case and not put the keys in? If so, then you need to go to one of the methods that physically includes the key.

I vote two pins on leak sensor. I think some of them have the pins already. Ecolink I think is one? Literally just mount it.

Need to choose the leak sensor carefully. Some of them assume that the usual condition is dry, and if you set them up to be continuous, you’ll go through batteries in a week.

Others can be set so that either wet or dry is the normal condition with the other condition reported.

Okay, this is a great thread, I need something similar… but for a towel…

I keep forgetting to move my towel next to the shower before getting in the shower, then when I’m finished in the shower and I reach for my towel I’m like:

Water sensor in the shower trigger a message to a speaker (if Sonos TTS ever works again) that says “Don’t forget your towel!” :wink:

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You just need to extract an mp3 from here:

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instead of using the moisture sensor you can use a Schlage RS100HC open/close sensor. This sensor has two (undocumented) connections inside where you can attach two cables.

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Looks exactly like my Ecolink, it’s probably the same device rebranded. I thought of that too, and the contact sensor might be a bit friendlier as far as battery life, WRT expecting NO or NC behavior.

I had this problem, admittedly before discovering ST. I decided low tech might be the way to go and got one of these:

This also helps to find the key as soon as you realise you’ve mislaid it. Essential when you have a 2 year old son that likes to play with keys!

I really do appreciate all your help but I’m a complete newbie and not a programmer, so I have no idea what “on acceleration cancel schedule means.” Can you explain what that means and how to set it up?

I think that I understand the basic concept. What you’re saying is the the metal keyring completes the circuit between the two posts, right? That sounds like it would work.

However, besides not being a programmer, I am also not an engineer. Am I right in understanding that this would involve opening up the RS100HC and attaching wires to contact points within the unit and then attaching those wires to the two hooks/posts? I’m not sure that I would know how to identify the contact points within the sensor. And I suppose it would need something to solder wires?

I am a bit over my head here. I’m afraid I have ideas but no idea of how to execute them!

That’s why I suggested the open/close sensor idea, should be pretty simple other than figuring out a system to mount it. Only downside I see is that it might not be the most beautiful thing in the world… As an engineer I very much appreciate the K.I.S.S. methodology…

That is a logic flow, it would require a smartapp to implement.
Helpful reading:

Exactly right. This post Connected Smoke Alarms - #26 by pizzinini has a picture of the sensor. I haven’t used that particular one myself, but I believe if you pop off the cover, there are screw terminals that should be very apparent. Soldering would make the connection to the posts more secure. Every household should have a soldering iron :smile:.

You could probably even finagle a Lego key holder by using something like LEGO® Power Functions Extension Wire 8886 | Other | Buy online at the Official LEGO® Shop US. E.g. cut off the one connector, split out two wires and screw to the contact sensor screws. Short out the metal connectors on the other piece (e.g. gluing a strand of wire / foil) and drill a hole for a key ring. Then you hang the key by pushing the key ring Lego piece into the mounted piece, thereby closing the circuit.

This might well be the best solution for someone as technologically inept as myself.I can maybe hide the sensor under the shelf. My one concern is having a magnet in my bag in close proximity to other items like cards with mag strips.