Remember the cleaner! Intrusion Detected

Slight panic this morning as I am sat in 30℃ on Miami Beach - I get an intrusion notice from the Smart Home Monitoring page!

This amateur forgot about the cleaner that visits on Fridays… I think I will need to give them a presence sensor now.



I think you’d find a zwave lock to be more reliable and it won’t depend on the cleaner keeping track of yet another key fob.

I don’t know about locks, has anyone had any issues with house insurance with these locks? This would be my concern. I have been very tempted though. Otherwise I may be looking at a SmartTiles type device in the hall and act as an alarm panel as well.

How do the locks relate to insurance? My lock has been the best thing ever. The housekeeper can send anyone in her crew. The house adjusts to a housekeeper mode (lights dim to 100% instead of lower presets, etc).

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UK category. Both insurers and mortgageholders are pickier about installed equipment than in the US.

Yes, to lower premiums and also in some cases just to be able to get insurance we need to have approved devices for the UK. We have building and content insurance so the locks have a big lever on the offering made by the insurance companies.

However, good news the Yale locks are insurance approved, next challenge, convincing the wife…
Yale keyless connected lock

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I’m going keypad for this, I want a record of who entered and the ability to revoke access remotely and immediately.

If the keyed lock is approved, I’d recommend that instead. Keyless is just asking for an error at some point.

  • 1 on the locks.

House Keepers code only works on the day she is supposed to be there. When she enters her code I get a text message and the camera’s snap a picture of who is entering and who is standing out front.

I think this is safer then giving some one a key and a fob by far!


The Yale key less locks have a cool features where you can hold a 9v battery against it a short burst of energy if the batteries run out of power. It’s a cool alternative to keeping a spare key hidden in the garden.

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This was such a beautiful, heartwarming post that made me shed a tear (although some of that is wanting to see 30C again)… and then:

OAuth is coming. Account sharing is coming. Not related to the feature timeline, but mandatory for the GoT gif: Winter is coming (although in all fairness, this was my first summer/fall in UK and I think winter came in September)

I have a similar challenge with the cleaner coming and would welcome advise as I accidentally let the alarm go off whilst she was here!! So she comes on a Wednesday morning, whilst I am here. I leave about 10 mins after she arrives to drop the kids off at nursery. 5 mins later I get the alert and then a call from her!

My solution is not that sophisticated, but I think it will work…

Step 1 - create a new mode called "Cleaner coming"
Step 2 - create a routine that only triggers on Wednesday morning to change the mode to “Cleaners coming” and disarm SHM
Step 3 - create a routine that triggers after cleaner due to leave that changes mode to away. Set so does not trigger if in home mode
Step 4 - Edit “Goodbye” routine so that it doesn’t trigger if in “Cleaners coming” mode

My theory here is that if I am here when it changes mode to “cleaners coming”, I haven’t set set any alarm to go off so no issue. When I leave to drop the kids off and then come back the routine “I’m back” will run and therefore change to home mode. Therefore the routine I created in step 3 won’t trigger…If I end up being away the whole time the cleaner is here then no issues either as will rearm after shes gone.

This all relies on the cleaner coming when she is due to of course! I’d welcome any suggestions of a better solution! Once multi user is working, I can of course set her as a user as well.

This is what I have done, Just created a mode that disarms the alarm when I know the cleaner is coming, not ideal but seems daft giving her a 30 quid fob just to satisfy my own inner geek.