Remember last dimmer setting app for dumb switch with smart led bulb?

Is there an app that can set a dimmer value (predetermined or last value) of a smart bulb when turned on by a dumb switch? Right now the bulb comes on at full brightness when the switch is turned on. I’d like to override the turn on to full brightness to some dimmed value. I’m using a CREE zwave bulb if that makes a difference.

I tried searching thru all the developed apps but could not find one that worked the way I need it.

you can do with smart lighting app via ST marketplace. If switch (bulb) turned on then adjust level of switch (bulb) to whatever percent. the problem you will have is the delay with ST recognizing the bulb is on when switched on by the switch bc it hasnt reported a signal for a while. best option is to have a smart dimmer switch instead of a bulb.

A smart bulb requires power all of the time… it has to have power to the radio. When you turn it off at the switch it is no longer a part of the network.

When you turn it back on it may reconnect to the network right away… or it may never reconnect.

If you want to use switches you would probably be better off with a switch.

Cree are zigbee, not zwave, btw.

And there is a particular problem with the Cree, as it doesn’t notify the hub when it comes on, unlike some other brands.

Additionally with any smart bulb if you are turning them on and off by cutting current you can shorten the life of the bulb. These bulbs are intended to always have current. (See the user guides.)

So in this particular case, I’m not sure you can accomplish what you want. I agree you would probably be better off with a smart switch and using turn on and set level.