[RELEASED]: Migrated to mtg.ActionTiles.com: "jggdev" Weather, News, and Calendar Media Tile services

It’s still off line for me. Any update?

I don’t even know where to ask.

Anyone have any word on the web page?


Thank you for the update, glad to see something good might come of this.

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It’s not working for me now. The news is fine but the weather is displaying mixed up dates and wrong forecasts.


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It works! Thank you. I’m a happy chappy with my panels once again displaying the weather forecast.

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Thank you, works great. You are on the ball.

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working for me (month calendar and RSS)

Actually if I click on the example above in @tgauchat post, every few seconds the date changes between 12/31 and 1/10. It’s like the today forecast is okay, but the following dates are stuck at 12/31.

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@tgauchat Yes I am seeing the same thing December shouldn’t be there.18 AM

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Thanks everyone!

The bug regarding the Weather dates shown, is noted and we’re investigating. I have a theory already, but we’ll see.

Can this be run locally? Would like to setup for my panel.

Fixed! Please verify… Thanks!

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Works here. Thank you.

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Why Locally??

Honestly the reason was to keep the load off your server, I currently do not use actiontiles as my trial period ran out well before I had a chance to put it through the paces.

I figured you would not want people using this who were not actiontile customers was all. Was looking for alternate solution.

Yah… It’s true that we prefer not to have a lot of non-ActionTiles traffic, but we’ll see if it becomes a problem before we consider other options such as releasing the code (or requiring a passcode or other restrictions).

Please contact Support@ActionTiles.com ; we usually grant extensions / renewals upon request, especially if you mention what we can help you with or really, any excuse will do :slight_smile:

MM k No worries. I suppose I will continue using my alternative. Thanks for the response.

Please contact Support@ActionTiles.com ; we usually grant extensions / renewals upon request, especially if you mention what we can help you with or really, any excuse will do :slight_smile:

Perhaps I will request an extension / renewal one day. Currently too many projects on plate. Thank you for the offer.

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@tgauchat This is a question more for the developer. I noticed that the weather tile has a native resolution of 429 x 282. Is there or could there be an option to specify an output resolution so that there’s no scaling issue when displayed in ActionTiles? Media tiles default to 3x2 tiles. Using the default tile size of 105px and 4px tile spacing, the resulting space taken up by the media tile is less than 429 x 282 and rescaling the image to fit this space leads to a loss of resolution.

One question for Terry - If using the default tile size and spacing of 105px/4px, what are the dimensions of a 3x2 media tile? I thought it might be equal to (105 x 3 + 4 x 2) by (105 x 2 + 4) = 323 by 214 but doing a screenshot of a 100% view of a panel in Chrome and analyzing the pixels gives me a media tile of 333 by 221 pixels. If I set the tile spacing to 0px, I get 339 x 226, which seems to indicate a base tile size of 113px vs the 105px selected. Just trying to figure out how the tile size and tile spacing relate to the overall dimensions of a single tile of A tile width by B tile height.

I think only @625alex is knowledgeable of our trade secret Tile size calculations… :sunglasses:

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