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[Released] Fibaro Motion Sensor v3.2

You need to make sure your motion sensors are processing these requests locally, or they will be subject to a cloud lag.

Also, I can’t remember ever having to do a hard reset on my Fibaro motion sensors as you describe. The ST Zigbee one on the other hand needs doing frequently. Perhaps they might be on the edge of the z-wave mesh and struggling with signal?

The Fibaro Motion Sensors do not run locally.

Thanks John,

How do you make them run locally? I also got the Fibaro dimmer 2 which I hope it extends the zwave mesh

Using the Samsung motion control on the same position is instant however the fibaro motion sensor is a bit slow. no matter which setting do I change. I got 5 of these and they are all the same so i don’t think they are all faulty

There are only a few ST devices that run locally. Also there are only a couple of apps that run locally.
So you need an ST device with Smart Lighting and that’s about it.
Nothing else will.

Admittedly I’ve not looked into it, and live with the short delay (which doesn’t bother me too much).

@Bobbles comment above means that only the ST motion sensor can run locally. I’m certainly not going to fill my house with those!

Looks like I’m wrong.
Have a look at this.

Were you able to fix this? I’m having the same issue

Unfortunately my changes didn’t work. The Device stayed good for about 4 weeks then got stuck on motion.

Its a pain in the back side as its over the stair gap :frowning: lol

@JBR have you had any issues since you went back to the stock DH?

Do you hv the same issue when using ST stock DH?

@CSC I’ll let you know. I’ve switched one of them back to Stock to test that scenario.

Yes, the Fibaro shows C on your DTH and the stock DTH. My hub is set for F

Hey, did you get it working with v3.02?

Finally got ''this working thanks to this device handler. I also use F instead of C to report temp. It does report close to the correct temp but I noticed the recently activity still shows the temp in C. Can this also be corrected.

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So it’s something broken at the server, even when using stock DTH, same issue also happen

I will check on the recent activity info, I think that can be fix

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I don’t seem to be getting Lux updates… I’m running the _F version, but it’s stuck at 4 lux.

Try to re-pair the sensor may help

Is there a way of adding the GitHub code from this device to the ST IDE so that when the code is updated the IDE changes colour? Saves having to check back for when there is an update that way.

Thanks in advance

Can I get some help please.
I have bought 2 of the v3.2 units to test out as a replacement to the Philips Hue Motion Sensor - the Hue sensors just end up switching lights off after the CoRE piston count down, off for a few seconds and then back on even though there is constant motion, or they just don’t detect the motion right in its path).

So far my testing shows these are slower to react to Motion than the Philips (from testing, speed of reaction quickest to slowest is ST motion sensor (which I know is local processing hence the reaction time), Philips Hue and then Fibaro).

But my question is regarding sending updates to these sensors. I have read al the previous comments but just can’t see to get it to work. The initial install of variables has gone fine but I wanted to tweak a couple of settings and make sure they are uploading. I have found the 2 hour auto update doesn’t seem to occur and the logs show needUpdate:Yes constantly as can be seen from the below pics.
I have tried making my changes in the IDE device handler and also in the app, clicking save and then pressing the button on the sensor 3 times so the blue led comes on. needUpdate still says yes. I have tried making a tweak to a variable, click the button 3 times and then when the light is on clicking on save. No joy - needUpdate still says yes. I’ve tried pressing the Pending button in the app both before and after 3 button click on the device and still no joy. What am I doing wrong to get the settings sent over?

Oh, and if anyone is curious about the sticky pad that came with the unit, don’t use it. I put one of the sensors up with that (on the coving) and overnight it had peeled off and I found the unit on the floor this morning.

Any suggestions to get the sensor to react quicker for turning lights on with my CoRE pistons also greatfully received.

Are you pressing the ‘sync’ button after updating the preferences?