[RELEASED] Arlo Assitant - Arlo Enhanced management from smartthings

You can connect it to home kit currently I believe but the ultra and pro 3 are being hidden from ST currently to my knowledge.

As tangus has pointed out they are currently not being handed off to Smartthings by Arlo. They just are not part of the integration. This likely due to the fact the cameras simply have a significant changes to their features and need a new device handler. The good news is that they are same for the ultra and the pro3 so i would expect both to be available if one of them ever becomes available. I believe arlo just need to migrate their stuff to the new smartthings platform methodology. I think we should all go to their community forums and post an suggested as such as well. I did a few weeks ago.

I have not seen Arlo really care about the suggestions made in their community. If they did, we would have the ability to access Arlo Modes from ST and/or IFTTT as that thread has been going for several years.

Sorry, crazy late on this response. I think it’s fantastic that you have created the Arlo Assitant to manage Arlo cameras within the SmartThings environment! It’s wonderful for people who prefer to use as few environments as possible.

Sigh, yes - realized that the Arlo Ultra wasn’t supported by SmartThings several months ago, right after I purchased them. The Arlo cameras were also great motion detectors, but now that doesn’t include the Ultras I have.

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I am just glad to hear it is working well for you now. Hopefuly Smartthings and Arlo will figure out how they want to support this stuff going forward and update the integration.


I would really like to see Arlo take over the integration and provide a method to control the modes in Arlo using the new Smartthings integration methodology. I have dabbled in the new Smartthings methodology for another smartapp I have per users requests. Frankly it isn’t real easy for someone that doesn’t have a cloud infrastructure, but for a company like Arlo that does it should be a piece of cake. It would be just a single new endpoint for Smartthings to pass integration events along and then they would have the app on their side to the manipulations needed in the Arlo cloud.

Oh well i dirgress abit on that I haven’t really worked on Arlo Assistant for a bit now mainly because i have been focused the issue with the Arlo cameras not working through Smartthings.

A few notes associated with that. The problem appears to be related to the hub used with the system. Specifically if your arlo system uses a VMB4000 base station, the records are not being initiated with the Cameras attached. Based on conversations on the Arlo forums it has been confirmed that the VMB3500, VMB4500, VMB4540 and VMB5000 base stations seem to work fine. I have personally confirmed the VMB4500 and VMB4540 basestations by picking up the kits at BB and testing them myself. If you are experiencing problems with recordings being triggered from Smartthings this is potentially a way to improve your situation until they fix it(if they do).

I was looking at turning on functionality based on Sunrise and Sunset. I was starting on this before I slowed down with new features. I will see about getting back to it.

I will also put Geopresence control on the list of new features as well.

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Any way to add support for Arlo baby

Arlo Assistant supports what arlo has allowed to be integrated. It is up to them to present the camera to Smartthings. Once that is done Arlo Assistant will integrate with it.


Head over to this thread on arlo and ask for support on the issue.
From a long back and forth with tech support, I was told that there is no plans to implement Arlo Baby for use with ST. Maybe if enough people can drum up the demand they will get on it!

following up on arlo community where they finally deployed a new firmware for VB4000. would arlo assistant still work as you initially planned?

Arlo Assistant should not be impacted by the firmware change. It uses the official Arlo-Smartthings integration to submit the request for the recordings.

I’ve been using Arlo Assistant with a VMB4000 base station and some Arlo Pro cameras as part of my larger SmartThings system. Until recently I was not able to get SmartThings to initiate camera recording through AA. Since early January (perhaps coinciding with an Arlo base station firmware update) this now seems to be WORKING!

This means I can just leave the base station in SmartThings mode, and arming/disarming will be initiated according to the Smart Home Monitor and/or occupancy state—thanks to Arlo Assistant. My exterior cameras will only record video when SHM is Armed Away or Armed Stay. In the morning I run my Waking Up ST routine and, along with lights and thermostats, the cameras are adjusted automatically. No more having to separately arm or disarm Arlo!

A couple of other notes: for this to work, you need to turn off “capture video from these cameras” in the Security section of the SHM settings. If left on, this seems to override any camera activation settings in AA > Arlo ST Mode Management. (Unlike AA, SHM seemingly can only activate all cameras when any motion is detected, not just the one that sensed the motion.)

Also two feature requests: first, it would be great if, like inside the Arlo app itself, I could use AA to specify that a camera will automatically turn on and off with motion, rather than just a specified clip length of say 60 seconds. Second, it seems like I should be able to specify more than one ST Mode (any of home/away/night) when defining criteria for a given AA mode.

In any case, I’m very happy to have this working finally and have my fingers crossed that it will keep working. (Unfortunately I discovered the good news just after I purchased a used VMB4500 on eBay in hopes of fixing the problem with hardware. Oh well, now at least I’m ready for 1080p…)

Thanks for all your efforts on this useful SmartApp.

Thank you for all the great input. I am glad it is working so well for you. You are spot on about the Firmware update on January 3rd i believe fixing the recording issue with the VMB4000 base station.

Now for the feature requests.

If i could make Arlo record based on motion instead of a set clip length i would love to do it. With the commands that I see available to me I don’t see how it would be possible. To get a recording to start I have so send arlo a start and end time through the integration. That is also why the 2 min limit is in place for the size of the clips. Something i have thought about a few times though is to track the start and end time and lets say 5 seconds or so before the clip will end check to see if motion is still present and then just premptivly submit the next video. That has it’s own problems. I also have written a few routines in apps to record and retrigger until a event tells it to stop. That works, but clearly misses some clips. on some cameras and i have yet to figure out why it fails at times. Somethings i have found in logs points to it is simply being a cloud processing thing.

I will check on the option to select multiple ST Modes. That seems reasonable, but i need to validate what that will do to my validation routine for setting the AA modes to a active state.

On the subject of the VMB4500. I am not going to say it is a bad base, but it actually is a more watered down version of the VMB4000. The VMB4000 is suppose to be able to handle up to 2k while the VMB4500 only supports 1080p. I believe it has been reported that the siren isn’t as good in the VMB4500 basestation. That is subjective ofcourse. I would just evaluate if you can get the VMB4540 basestation. Depending on cost and some other factors it may be the better option. If you don’t care about the siren it can handle up to 4k video, has the Home Audotmation radios for Arlo Smarthome stuff whenever it realeases, and can do local recording so it isn’t subject to the 5 camera limit that the Pro2 cameras have or free cloud recording.

I do it because in many cases i am using this myself and if it helps me it has to be useful to others. Thank you for your appreciation.

Well it is time for me to get back to that now. Everything is working and we clearly have some stuff folks want :grinning: :grinning:

Turns out allowing the ability to use multiple Modes wasn’t to bad. I am testing it now and will publish the update in the near future with that ability. Keep an eye out for it.

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I have pushed out the update that will include the ability to select multiple Smartthings Modes to github.

I have also updated the app to allow the use of Sunrise and Sunset with the ability to use offset. I have removed the day of the week option with that setting though for now so that i could get it out there. That will just have to be another validation that i am not ready to put in, but i would expect that it should be easy to work in.

With these changes please keep in mind it is getting very easy to create overlapping of your modes. Just be aware when setting things up it can happen.

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Hi @Mavrrick58 I am just playing with your SmartApp and I think it’s brilliant. Would you mind answering some of my questions below?

  1. What does validate option do in the configurator?
  2. I can’t get notifications to work. I tick the box to send push notifications to everyone but nothing happens. Same for text message, nothing arrives. I’ve tried with and without country code
  3. What’s your opinion on the health check issue? I seem to be unable to record a clip until next health check is done. Any words of wisdom?

I’m using Arlo Pro with VMB4000v3

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Is this something you are doing through the simulator in the IDE. If so i am not sure what that would do as I don’t use it. I don’t remember there being anything called validate in the app.

I think I would first suggest you look at what region you are in. You have to be in the US for testing to work. Next make sure you configured all of the needed fields for notification. If you don’t put a actual message in it may not send anything. I would also try changing the ruleset number up and try a different numbered rule set. It is possible i messed up the code somewhere.

The health check app was written to basically monitor the status and if Arlo didn’t send back a good completion trigger a recording via a alternative method. Last time I was testing stuff i found out that this wasn’t needed as Smartthings would trigger a new recording even if the Clip status was still in initiated. I have a feeling this may not apply to all regions so you may still need it to check the status of the camera clip status and then trigger a recording via IFTTT or some other external service to allow smartthings to continue to work. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about the lost recording that never appeared.


So i just setup a quick rule and what I found was that you could set it up without specifying a minimum time value between notifications. That would cause a program issue. I have added a default value of 1 so that if you don’t specify it , it will be as small as possible. You can either download the latest version from github or just make sure you specify that value in your rule. You would likely want to specify that value to be something greater then 1 as Arlo’s cooldown is pretty short and you can get with a ton of notifications if the camera is busy enough.

Thanks @Mavrrick58 will check it out.

After experimenting with Arlo Assistant for a bit, I think I know the answer to this question but would like confirmation. I would like to be able to emulate the Disarmed mode (Arlo app). I would like to have the cameras on all the time but have them only notice motion/sound when the ST alarm is set. With Arlo Pilot I was able to switch to the Arlo Disarmed mode but leave the cameras on. ST could then switch back to the Smartthings (or Armed) mode as needed. I am using the classic app but I’ve also tried to accomplish this using the new app. Is this possible?


I haven’t been using my cameras for a while, but going to start using them again. I must be using the built-in support for Arlo cameras, and I think it must be broken at the moment or something (not seeing correct status, etc).

Is this just an app? Or DH as well?