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I am looking at some improvements for the Time based activate/deactivate options. Simply put i want to add sunrise and sunset options with offsets similar to smart lighting.

Glad the Beta Geofencing is working for you. If it were, I would not have needed the integration. They refuse to troubleshoot their geofencing by hiding behind the “It’s still in beta” shield… and has been since 2016. As far as I can remember, you could set to Away when Away, and Schedule when not away except for early on in 2016. Problem is, their geofencing was not as reliable as ST and has not gotten any better from what I read on their own forums.

What do you think about network-based geofencing to control arming/disarming/away/etc? In other words, not location/GPS based but when your phone is on your home wifi vs when it’s disconnected?

Ignorant question, since I’ve never used it before, but do you load the Arlo and ST apps and create separate users for every person (adult, whoever) in your house to arm/disarm based on their presence too?

I do this with SmartThings + Google Wifi + IFTTT.

So today I noticed that my phone was getting blown up by Arlo Assistant. After a little bit of Research i found that it was the health check app. Simply put it appears that the update coming back to Smartthings isn’t updating the Clip status like it use to from external sources. This does not only include IFTTT, but also manually triggered recordings through the Arlo App itself.

I was already working on some enhanced time functionality, that was mostly finished. I have been using it for some time. I updated this version to pull out the clip status check and submit the recording. If you are experiencing this problem please upgrade to this new version of the app, and remove the Health check app loaded for each camera. That should get it working again.

It appears we can now submit a recording even if the camera is in a hung state. I will be watching my cameras very closely over the next few days to see if we have the same reliability issues we saw in the past. If so i will start to work on a way to implement a new health check function. Please let me know if anyone else has seen similar issues recently.

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