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I am looking at some improvements for the Time based activate/deactivate options. Simply put i want to add sunrise and sunset options with offsets similar to smart lighting.

Glad the Beta Geofencing is working for you. If it were, I would not have needed the integration. They refuse to troubleshoot their geofencing by hiding behind the “It’s still in beta” shield… and has been since 2016. As far as I can remember, you could set to Away when Away, and Schedule when not away except for early on in 2016. Problem is, their geofencing was not as reliable as ST and has not gotten any better from what I read on their own forums.

What do you think about network-based geofencing to control arming/disarming/away/etc? In other words, not location/GPS based but when your phone is on your home wifi vs when it’s disconnected?

Ignorant question, since I’ve never used it before, but do you load the Arlo and ST apps and create separate users for every person (adult, whoever) in your house to arm/disarm based on their presence too?

I do this with SmartThings + Google Wifi + IFTTT.

So today I noticed that my phone was getting blown up by Arlo Assistant. After a little bit of Research i found that it was the health check app. Simply put it appears that the update coming back to Smartthings isn’t updating the Clip status like it use to from external sources. This does not only include IFTTT, but also manually triggered recordings through the Arlo App itself.

I was already working on some enhanced time functionality, that was mostly finished. I have been using it for some time. I updated this version to pull out the clip status check and submit the recording. If you are experiencing this problem please upgrade to this new version of the app, and remove the Health check app loaded for each camera. That should get it working again.

It appears we can now submit a recording even if the camera is in a hung state. I will be watching my cameras very closely over the next few days to see if we have the same reliability issues we saw in the past. If so i will start to work on a way to implement a new health check function. Please let me know if anyone else has seen similar issues recently.

For me the IFTTT is not working anymore since a few days now. But it also seems like that the cameras are not getting stuck in a bad state anymore. So far they work just fine. Can you confirm that? Is maybe the Health check not needed?

I would agree with that assessment.

The Health Check camara child app should be removed going forward. It appears that Smartthings corrected the issue so that if the camera get in a bad state they will continue to allow recordings. My cameras have worked fine since the last update were the camera status check was removed for submitting the next recording.

Monitored it a bit more and the “bad state” is still occurring sometimes. Not as often as it used to but still is.
IFTTT is not recording at all anymore and so I can’t get the Arlo’s out of the bad state.
So far I didn’t use the Smartthings mode in Arlo and only on/off in Smartthings with IFTTT.
Is there a chance to get the SmartThings mode back in the Arlo app after deletion. Usually I could create it myself by renaming the rules with the Serial numbers of the cameras but that’s also not working anymore. Any suggestions?
Thanks already

I agree the bad state is occurring, but it appears that there is logic in the Device handler or somewhere in Arlo connect that allows the submission of a new recording regardless of that bad state occurring. The last update to Arlo Assistant was essentially just a quick code shift to remove that check of the camera clip status so Arlo Assistant would submit the next recording request and let either Arlo Connect, or the device handler handle the request. If you looked at the device in the IDE and reviewed the events for the Clipstatus you will likely now see several ignored entries. This same thing occurred before to some extent, if a current recording was taking place. The new behavior is that now if the camera gets in a bad state that seems to fix the recording on some cameras.

I now have a new issue. I have 3 Arlo Q cameras and 2 Arlo Pro 2 cameras. I can’t seem to get the Arlo Pro 2 cameras to record anything in any way from Smartthings. The Arlo Q cameras seem to be working flawlessly after this most recent update. It is almost like a back end process on the Arlo side just isn’t running or isn’t finishing it’s side and returning that it completed to Smartthings at all.

IFTTT is certainly in a screwed up state as well. My phone got blown up by a few thousand messages from arlo assistant trying to fix the camera state on a few cameras. That is kind of why this code fix for the last change isn’t the prettiest.

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How can we get the doorbell to play a sound on like a Sonos?

There is no integration for the Arlo Doorbell with Smartthings so i don’t think this is possible if i understand your request properly. That doesn’t mean you could have something triggered were a external speaker like a sonos or something else could play a sound. If i was going to try to do this i would probably use Bigtalker 2.0 and a external speaker or VLCThing.

I have opened a case with Arlo Support for my Arlo Pro 2 not recording from smartthings. My Arlo Q’s are working great with the camera check state removed. I haven’t had to manually fix any of them. For the time being I have the Pro 2 cameras triggering recordings outside of Smartthings. Arlo Assistant will still control when the cameras are turned on and off so that kind of negates the issue with the Arlo Cloud mode always being active. I would suggest you do the same if there are issues with missing the recordings.

I would also ask if any else is experiencing the same issue i am seeing with the Arlo Pro 2’s to open a case with Arlo and post here so we know the extent of the issue. I think this is centered around a firmware update on the base station. So it is very possible this just effects folks with the Arlo Pro Base station, but it could be more.

I don’t see it in smartthings so I’m just using alexa to play a doorbell noise on the show for now

My apologies for missing key reasons for using this Arlo Assistant (even after reading the description and most of the comments in this thread, and also after successfully installing it). I was initially very excited about your SmartApp after realizing that Arlo Pilot was no longer working. I like Arlo Pilot because I just wanted to rely on Arlo for all recording and camera management, especially since all 7 of my cameras (a mix of Arlo Pro and Ultra) are always ‘on’ (since they are always plugged into AC outlets).

My confusion somewhat increased since you’ve mentioned IFTTT and Samsung virtual switches several times in your comments. Before I read these particular comments, I decided to implement a simple a SmartThings virtual ‘Out’ switch (turned on when everyone left, and turned off when someone returned - using Life360) and IFTTT to directly communicate with Arlo to set it to armed or disarmed modes. Although I prefer to use as few system integrations as possible (previously only 2 with Arlo Pilot, but now 3 with SmartThings, IFTTT, and Arlo), this surprisingly gets the job done fairly efficiently (despite an occasional short lag).

Again my sincere apologies if I missed something, especially a post that already mentioned this approach.

So the reason IFTTT was brought up was because of a problem with reliability as the cameras would get in a bad state occasionally. The good news is that not long ago it seems that was resolved. So at this point the IFTTT integration is no longer needed to fix that bad camera state.

Well a few things you have mentioned indicates that “Arlo Assistant” may not fit your use case.

The above quote has a few key points that explain why Arlo Assistant may not be your best choice. Specifically it is the comment that you have Arlo Ultra and that you want Arlo cloud too manage all of your cameras. As far as i know the Arlo Ultra’s are not supported in Smartthings.

Arlo Assistant is all about bringing the Arlo Cloud modes into Smartthings and letting you manage them from Smartthings with all of the triggers and management options that come with Smartthings events. Once managed in Smartthings you can use any Smartthngs device/event/state/ect to interact with it (assuming arlo assistant is programmed with it). There are some trade offs with this method though. The fact you are using geo-presence may be a gap that i haven’t integrated yet. I have had sproadic success with geo-presence myself, but would be up for integrating it if you would be interested.

I don’t want to code things if i don’t see a desire for it. So i just need someone to tell me where their use case gaps are and i will work on getting it integrated. My use cases center around time activation for turn on and off cameras and then integration with my ADT Alarm Panel both of which work well and are very reliable.

You may be able to setup Arlo assistant to manage your cameras fully without IFTTT right now. There is a option use a “Virtual switch” as a mode trigger. You could use that virtual swtich to indicate when the record mode is triggered to create recordings.

With that said there is also a ongoing issue right now were recording integration in genreal is broke with Smartthings on the Arlo pro 2 cameras.

hello, i migrated here because arlopilot doesnt work, Will this allow me to get camera images to use with dashboards?


Unfortunately no. I haven’t gotten to the point of workong on that and is something outside of all the previous codeing i have done. I do think it may be eventually possible. There are just other core features i have been working on.

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Simply put, I cannot get this to actual record anything. Few questions:
What made does Arlo need to be in? Armed with events but no recording?
If there are camera related rules not in the arlo assistant will that cause an issue?
I notice that my camera moves to the initiated state and stays there.

What cameras do you have. There is a problem currently occuring were some cameras will not trigger from smartthings.

My arlo Q cameras work fine from smartthings, but my Pro 2 cameras will not.

@Mavrrick58 wondering if you know if there is a way to get Arlo Pro 3 cameras to propagate to SmartThings? It is attached to the same hub as my Pro 2 cameras, but the Pro 3 will not show when I use the stock Arlo Connect app.

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