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If it Is creating the state once it runs make sure you setup the health check again. Also make sure the re ipie in IFTTT isn’t disabled.


Ok I tested even more today.

Motion are detected and the recordings are started.

First obversation, I find that the Health Check is launched often, even after every registration. And sometimes, even with IFTTT, the status does not come back so I have more than one IFTTT record in my Arlo library.
I have the impression that it is probably my time settings that are involved. Currently, I have 60 sec records in my modes and I have configured the Health Check with Setup 300 sec and IFTTT 300 sec. (And a record of 10 sec at IFTTT). Can you give me some advice?

Second, I use a virtual switch and I realized that when I close my switch, the mode does not stop.

I looked in the code and I added this line to line 480 and now it works:
subscribe (virtualSwitch, “switch.off”, modeTriggerEvt)

From what I realized, there is a trigger only when you put a switch on and not when you put it off.

Thank you

It is great to hear it is working well for you.

The health check does run often, and is something I really don’t like but keep in mind that it is there to fix a issue with the arlo integration we don’t control. So basically making the best of it unfortunately.

My suggestion is to set the health check between 10 and 20 seconds longer then your actual record time in the mode. If your modes trigger 120 second clips set the Health check to 130-140 seconds. The second value for the IFTTT should be similar so I always keep min between 20 and 30 seconds.

Having the values longer will just prevent you from being able to record until it is corrected.

That is a good catch for the virtual switch. Prior to the last big update that introduced real modes the switch state was used to validate if the action should take place. This makes allot of since considering how the app works now. One thing I will change though is to remove the specific state of on or off. instead of adding the other. It just reduces the lines of code. I will validate this before I post it out there though.

Thanks man :blush:

ArloPilot 1.4 had “Last captured image external web links for ActionTiles.” I literally just bought ActionTiles only to find out that ArloPilot just stopped working.

Can we do this with your Arlo Assistant?

As of right now, no. That functionality is also likely what got Arlo pilot axed.
I would love to bring it back, as I used it myself. I just dont see how to right now.

Landed here after searching for an ArloPilot fix. I see that Arlo plugged up that hole and it’s gone forever.

I’m trying to figure out what Arlo Assistant does now. Can’t you achieve the same results using the official Arlo integration and WebCoRE?

The goal with arlo Assistant is to mimic modes in the smart things environment with the triggers arlo pilot provided.

The official integration does not provide you a way to initiate recordings or control how the cameras work from Smartthings, for the most part it simply allows you use the cameras for information, or to interact with smartapps like Arlo Assistant or SHM.

You may be able to use webcore for some of the features but not all of them I suspect(or atleast not easily). Plus it is just one more cloud component to fail. If you want to attempt to use webcore to do so I am sure there are a few that would like to see your scripts when you are done.

I have found a last image thumbnail url provided by the official integration. I am trying to figure it out in my spare time.

Also the more I look at that I don’t see how the images are related to arlopilot being axed.


They were claiming too much bandwidth because people were setting the refresh rate to be too often. I actually think they just said that and banned ST because they did not want outside access to their modes. It happened coincidentally about a week after someone posted of the existence of the ST app in one of the Arlo forums where people were complaining that it has been a request and “in the works by their engineers” for several years.

Just another reason I am migrating to Nest. They may be proprietary, but the app actually does everything it claims to, and the feed is almost instantaneous. Oh, and there is a chance (slim) that once they switch to Works with google assistant from Works with Nest, that we may even have the same features as we used to have with Arlo. I know I am loving what I have so far. Action Tiles integration is AWESOME. Too bad Arlo doesn’t allow that either.

Yea. I get that. I have even repeated that a few times myself because it was the only thing that made sense. The problem I am having is as I dig through the code for arlo pilot to understand how Steve did it I am not sure that is what was happening.

It appears every time a clip is created, a image URL and a clip url is created in Smartthings on the Smartthings servers. It seems possible this action never left the smartthings servers. I still haven’t fully figured out what Steve did though yet so I could be wrong.

I just need to figure out how to externalize those URLs That are created with each clip. If I can figure that out i may be able to bring back external access for the image tiles.

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I was more interested in the mode management.

Did you contact this guy?

Yea. And actually implemented his solution for a little while. But what his suggestion requires is a always on server you manage to handle the communication. It simply uses ssh tunneling to route the traffic to Arlo servers and hide the connections source. So it doesn’t fix the issue and potentially could get allot more connections blocked

Yes exactly! Like presignedLastImageUrl or presignedSnapshotUrl or presignedFullFrameSnapshotUrl.
I tried playing with those myself after toying with the arlo python from jeffreydwalter on github but I don’t know anything about coding.

Oh I’m not using the SmartThings with Arlo anymore. Arlo now allows you to use GeoFencing with the Schedule mode. So when I’m away it sets the Arlo to Armed. When I’m home it’s set to scheduled so there’s no notifications until between 10pm and 6am. It’s not the best but it cuts down on the notifications and I still feel somewhat protected.

I am looking at some improvements for the Time based activate/deactivate options. Simply put i want to add sunrise and sunset options with offsets similar to smart lighting.

Glad the Beta Geofencing is working for you. If it were, I would not have needed the integration. They refuse to troubleshoot their geofencing by hiding behind the “It’s still in beta” shield… and has been since 2016. As far as I can remember, you could set to Away when Away, and Schedule when not away except for early on in 2016. Problem is, their geofencing was not as reliable as ST and has not gotten any better from what I read on their own forums.

What do you think about network-based geofencing to control arming/disarming/away/etc? In other words, not location/GPS based but when your phone is on your home wifi vs when it’s disconnected?

Ignorant question, since I’ve never used it before, but do you load the Arlo and ST apps and create separate users for every person (adult, whoever) in your house to arm/disarm based on their presence too?

I do this with SmartThings + Google Wifi + IFTTT.

So today I noticed that my phone was getting blown up by Arlo Assistant. After a little bit of Research i found that it was the health check app. Simply put it appears that the update coming back to Smartthings isn’t updating the Clip status like it use to from external sources. This does not only include IFTTT, but also manually triggered recordings through the Arlo App itself.

I was already working on some enhanced time functionality, that was mostly finished. I have been using it for some time. I updated this version to pull out the clip status check and submit the recording. If you are experiencing this problem please upgrade to this new version of the app, and remove the Health check app loaded for each camera. That should get it working again.

It appears we can now submit a recording even if the camera is in a hung state. I will be watching my cameras very closely over the next few days to see if we have the same reliability issues we saw in the past. If so i will start to work on a way to implement a new health check function. Please let me know if anyone else has seen similar issues recently.

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