[Released] ADT Tools 2 for Smartthings ADT alarm sytsems

Everything is working good here and I just installed the ADT Tools 2.

I have a ADT Panel now and it have options to do a silent arm or silent disarm. It also has a quick exit option. I was wondering if there was any thought on adding those as Device Children?

I not shy digging into the coding but I am pretty new to smart things.

Anyways, thanks!!

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For people using ADT Tools 2 and @Mavrrick58, about concern of rumors about no more supporting ADT/ST panel since Jan-01 21, over here everything is working fine, panel, ST Hub integrated and ADT Tools 2. Virtual Buttons working okey and switches receive consistently panel arm/disarm status. Everything is working fine…great !. Hope everyone has a great year !

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ADT Tools not responding today. Is this “the day”? Anyone with the same experience?

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I am having issue with my ADT/SmartThings Hub staying connected to my Wi-Fi and Internet. I will try to reboot the Hub and other things to get it to connect but this could be a bad sign.

My ADT/ST Seems to be fine now. There did appear to be some issue with SmartThings and communication to the ADT/ST Hub.

OK i am starting to look into it and see what I can find. Something seems very off for me as well.

Something to remember is yesterday evening I got notification from Smartthings they were experiencing some kind of issue. The way it materialized for me was dual branded door sensor not updating properly. It worked fine in the Alarm panel, just didn’t get to smartthings or my other hub.

I couldn’t control my hub from my phone when i tested a little bit ago, but the phone app was out of sync with the panel. Once I armed the panel they started working again.

Check and make sure you alarm panel and the Smartthings ADT dashboard are showing the same state and try again.

I am experiencing one strange thing. It looks like i have a ghost sensor that may require bypass when ever armed and disarmed in the dashboard app now…

The panel doesn’t seem to be impacted though. My guess is it is something related to the blip they are experiencing. I think the Alarm function is fine since it is all local, but obviously Smartthings stuff seem to be a bit hosed up.

That was kind of my issue as well. Dual Branded sensors not in sync with the actual condition within SmartThings.

I rebooted the hub, logged out of the app on the phone, but i can’t get this status “disarming” in the ADT home security section of home screen to stop spinning …any suggestions. (photo attached)

At this point i would suggest you wait for Smartthings to give the all clear to the current issue. Once that is done if it still doesn’t work then repeat the steps you have done. Then reach out to support if you are still in a bad state.

Everything is working Ok over here… ADT Panel…and ADT Tools 2…

Hi people, is there anyone getting some lost in sync between ADT/ST panel and ST New App?. My wife uses very early in the morning (around 5:30 AM) disarm the ADT/ST panel, but 2 times in the last 2 weeks correspondent simulated switch set in ADT Tools 2 was not triggered properly (3 simulated switches, one for each status handle Home modes and STHM status), then close to 6:00 AM when she has opened the frontal door the external alarm siren (Aeotec 6) and lights went on, checking what happened I found both times that ADT Tools 2 switches were as Alarm Stay status even ADT/ST panel is disarmed, they did not changed to set mode and STHM properly. But after I set switches to manual sync everything works fine after testing both directions, seems some like a “lost sync lapsus” but both times very early in the morning. Anybody with the same issue?

I have not experience this. One suggestion that may help is to use virtual devices from Smartthings Lab in the new app vs the OLD Groovy IDE. Considering the direction everything is going I would expect that may be more reliable. That is what I am using now for my virtual switches, and so far not one hiccup after i resolved some sync issues with Hubitat.

This is part of the issue with cloud processing. It is very easy for a transaction to get missed or delayed and then have this kind of incident. There have also been some cloud issues with Smartthings recently. This could also be involved with why the device didn’t not update correctly

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Thanks my friend, I changed virtual switches for simulated switches to try avoiding this based in some suggestins of other uses, but I do not know about “Smartthings Lab in the new app vs the OLD Groovy IDE”. I will check Smartthings Lab issue, I am supposing they are a list of SmartApps ?, where I can find them?, when I find them how I can use them since I am understanding they are set outside IDE ?.. Have a nice weekend.

UPDATE: I have found Smartthings Lab could be accessed in New App going to Smart Apps menu and in the screen where Smart Apps are listed going to 3 dots up right…but my NewApp does not have that option ! (Smartthings Lab)… I think because the Regional silly dub stuff… :sweat:

Is there anyone still needing door/window sensors, Motion sensors, or does anyone want a backup Smartthings ADT panel?

I am looking at moving to other solutions so if someone else can use what i have i would happy to distribute the components i am using.

I have the panel, 18 door/window sensors and 3 motion detectors.

I may be doing the same thing. Curious what setup you are moving to?

If you want the door/window Contact Sensors I would like $10 plus shipping. For the motion sensors it would be $15 +shipping. I jut want to make up some of the cost of the retrofit.

I will not be completely dumping Smartthings though as i do plan to run for a time in a hubless configuration once this is done. If you are interested send me a PM.

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I have 5 smoke detectors, 1 CO detector, 1 motion, 3 water leak sensors, 3 keyfobs, 4 contact sensors and a panel. Also the power adapter to connect the panel via alarm wire instead of using the attached plug (I do still have the original plug) If anyone is looking for any of this, PM me.