[Released] ADT Tools 2 for Smartthings ADT alarm sytsems


I just published a update to the “ADT Alert Actions” child app. The whole purpose of the update was to add a Exit delay per your request and get it away from needing SHM to help facilitate that. Please download and test it out if you can. I am not in a position where I can do so right now.

If anyone else wants to test it out please feel free to, but it could create bugs for non ADT sensors as that was the routine updated so just be aware.

You will need to fully delete the child app and recreate it as a state value was added and I have seen unexpected results when adding state values and not completely recreating the child app.


I would also add that to anyone using SHM for use with this environment that i would urge you to consider migrating away from it as well and use these updated methods that don’t depend on it. Eventually i will remove SHM functionality as it just clutters the code.

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@Mavrrick58… The exit delay works great as far as I can tell. I’ll test a bit more tonight and let you know of any issues.

I’m assuming that there are no changes or addition of an Entrance Delay.

The exit delay is pretty straight forward really. Just validate enough time has passed after the alarm is set.

Entrance delay is a bit more complicated. I haven’t decided on a good way to do it.

In reality that would be completely net new. That is something i never did enable before as SHM didn’t have a entry delay function unless you used another third party app.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, just want to make sure I find a good way to do it if i go down that route. I may need to create two separate contact and motion sensor groups so that it can be set to which ones have entry delay and which ones don’t. Also motion sensors would require special handling… You also have to remember that with battery powered devices there may be a cool down period so we can’t depend on it simply triggering again outside of the window. I just need to put some serious thought behind it before i try to put the idea into code.

Thanks Mavvrick… With all my actual Entrance/Exit doors soon to be Dual Branded, and placing a Panel near these Entrance and Exit doors (Small Tablet running Actiontiles) and not having a Motion Sensor there, I am in great shape with the current set-up.

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Hi my friend, I think its the best, I replaced SHM witch switches that on/off when alarm change states, keep consistency with other buttons via Sharptools rules and until now, they are working great.
Basic using virtual ADT button to arm/disarm, and virtual state switches (replacing SHM) that switch ON when panel is armed/disarmed, other switches off with rules.
I got handle ADT/ST be armed/disarmed via its own Panel, via New App and Sharp Tools 2 dashboard buttons. Thanks again for your great tool !

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Hi Craig,

Does the ADT Tools and associated Apps work with Hubitat? Everything is working very well right now with SmartThings, this ADT/SmartThings integration, and using Action Tiles with a Tablet mounted to my home wall.

However, I am a bit nervous with SmartThings planned departure from the IDE and other planned changes.




Because of the design of the ADT Smartthings panel I am not sure how you would make ADT Tools work with Hubitat as it is completely a separate hub. The only way I can see to make the hubit hub work at all with the ADT Sensors and Alarm would be to use something that keeps the hub devices in sync between hubit and Smartthings. To put that simply that means a sensor has to trigger on ADT’s side, then update Smartthings, and then get to Hubitat. I don’t know how reliable that setup would be. I don’t think it is impossible but it may be more headache then it is worth. With that said though this may still break after the legacy IDE is gone. Hubit also comes with its own challenges as I understand it since everything is local. Even if ADT tools was written for hubitat it may not be possible for it to run well on it considering limited resources. This is all speculation though as i don’t have a Hubitat hub

You are not the only one nervous about the departure from the IDE. It is going to have huge impact on custom applications. What very few people think about or understand is that right now Smartthings is doing a huge amount of processing behind the scenes for all of us with the legacy IDE. I can’t express the magnitude of how significant that is. For those of us that are power users that use programs that are outside of what Smarthings does by default it is a blessing right to help us expand our potential ideas for usage. It really stinks for Smartthings though as i suspect there are several ways the code could be optimized and isn’t and i is just free money and resources to us users that are basically a flat cost to get into the system.

The new system is really to get them out of the processing back end except for explicitly what they want to support. What they did do for advanced users was create a mechanism for folks to effectively create their own backend servers and host their own applications. This means we take o the cost and responsibility of taking care of said applications and underlying infrastructure.

I actually looked into this over a year ago. I even had a test app(not adt tools) working with the new platform and API’s. It is very robust and essentially turns the Smartthings backend into a place to spit events out to remote servers. At this point i don’t have any expectation to support ADT Tools in that kind of infrastructure. First i don’t know what everyone has in their homes and i don’t have any desire to host what some would consider critcal infrastructure for their security. I could certainly do it. I actually already run a 24/7 server and run a vm I could drop such a application on in moments. I just don’t see it being practical.

There is also the fact that right now we don’t know if the ADT Smartthings Panel will even be supported once they go through the final phase and remove old hubs. It may be a completely dead idea if they just stop working it.

If this ever changes though I will let the folks here now, but it seems very unlikely

Thanks Craig for the excellent information. For now I’ll just hope most of my ST Integrations work after the changes.

I wanted to bring this to this thread so folks are aware of it. It has been brought up in this thread that come Jan 1st 2021 that some part of the ADT Smartthings integration will be sunsetted. With this news we have about 6 weeks before our ADT Smartthings Alarm systems will no longer work as expected.

I am pressing for more details as to what that exactly means. Unfortunately as of right now this hasn’t been presented through official announcements and simply by support responses to a user from Smartthings and ADT. The fact this user got the same message from both seems to point to it having a good chance of being correct even though we haven’t gotten a firm announcement.

Something to think about is that at the very least all signs point to ADT Tools will stop working once this action takes place. ADT Tools is dependent on Smartthings and the ADT side of the system working together. There is no amount of coding i can do to fix this if they disable one side or the other.

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Hi my friend, thanks for the advice, It is terrible news companies have left their customers alone … Definitely they do not care about us. Lets see what is going to happen and try to solve the best way we can find …

So after the most recent event i don’t have the ability to control my ADT Smartthings panel from either the Dashboard in the Smarthings App, or from ADT Tools buttons, using ADT Tools. No errors are created either.

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I can handle perfectly ADT/ST panel at 100% using Its touch screen also ADT Tools 2 buttons with virtual switches and Sharptools dashboards, no problem here…


Yea mine worked again after doing a hard reboot of the hub. Something about that activity triggered a issue.

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Hi people, maybe this message is not exactly about ADT Tools 2, but Im looking for some help about how to re-pair an ADT/ST Motion Sensor that has lost its connection to the hub, panel warned “Loss of Supervision”. 6 months ago happened the same but in that time I reset it and could re-paired it with Classic App…but now ?. I can still see the device in the New App and in the configuration of ADT Tools 2 as regular, but history record is about “Not Ready” and “Omitted”, also device is not reporting any motion. Thanks !

Try reseating the battery. Thay is what i have done on similar occasions.

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Worked perfectly thanks !!.. I thought change battery needs pair again the device but it does not, just replacing the battery and it reconnected to the panel immediately. Great ! I think this ADT/ST old rough buddy could survive some more time …!

Thanks again for your kindly help …

I have the same problem aflter an alarm. I unpluged the hub and also unpluged the battery tiwce and it rebooted , when I arm the alarm thru the app it won"t update the status that the alarm is armed, still having the same problem any ideas ?

Have you checked the status in IDE interface?

Rebooting everything is what did it for me. My next suggestion would be to check the IDE to ensure it is showing right and even look at the events for the hub device to ensure it is seeing the Arm or disarm status. What does the panel actually do. Is it arming or disarming? When you use the panel to arm or disarm do you see the status events in the IDE.