[Released] ADT Tools 2 for Smartthings ADT alarm sytsems

Hi Mavrrick, totally my friend, I tested STHM in the new app, it arms ADT/ST hub alarm at least in Stay Mode and disarm it too (I think Away mode will also work). Also automatic routines programmed in Classic App were launch and system mode was changed as I programmed to control other automations (like external siren to launch immediately).

— Couple hours later …
I have tested other way (disarm from ADT/ST HUB) and see what happens in New App… nothing, as you said Its seems only one way, its something as you said but really not so functional, because when that happens STHM triggers an alarm but ADT/ST does not because is disarmed…an inconsistency in the system…

Hi all
I’m New-ish to ST. A few months ago we installed an ADT system (through ADT). I was looking into how to add a second siren and came across this list and tool.

My first dumb question, is there a difference between the ST ADT system and the ADT Command smart system we installed (www.adt.com/command)? If so am I able to use this ADT tool 2?

Thank you all!

Hi @ThePike, I think there are never dumb questions, I have the ADT/ST system and I added an additional siren to the system (Aeotec 6) with no problem using ADT Tools 2, ate least panels are similar but definitely, not the same, I think the question is if this panel could be integrated with Smartthings, because I think ADT Tools 2 app is a ST code (for ST hubs). I understand that ADT/ST Hub is in fact two systems interacting ADT * Smartthings hub… Maybe @Mavrrick58 could confirm …


CarlosJ is spot on. ADT Tools is a Smartthings App. It will not work with any ADT alarm System and requires the ADT Smartthings Alarm Panel.

I had an ADT HUB that died twice in one year so I want to go back to the normal Smartthings HUB. I created a new location and added a V3 HUB. However, there are no SHM buttons/section on the new location. How do I get the ARM/DISARM buttons back if not using ADT HUB any longer (ADT HUB removed)?

I think the question is what are you trying to accomplish. This may not be the right thread to atart this conversation. SHM as i understand it is dead and can not be installed anymore. StHM is the new app and as such falls under a whole new list of integration complications.

Thanks for the quick reply didn’t realize the change in apps. Will look into StHM and see if i still have any questions.

Curious. Will there be a way to get ADT Tools to work in both directions with the new platform?
What are others doing with ADT panels and the new app?

The new app works with the panel the same way the old one does. I have been using the new app for some time.

When you say both directions what does that mean. You can already trigger some stuff both way, you just need to be creative and use virtual devices in between them. Keep in mind you will never be able to trigger the internal siren though from any external source as it is not presented as a smartthings device and there is not command to trigger it.

Thanks! That is good news. I will perform the upgrade then.

Hey guys, I know this might not be the right place to post but in the app both classic and new, have y’all noticed the disarm button disappeared? I only have two options now Arm(stay) and Arm(Away). How do I get the Dísarm button back?

I believe the disarm button will appear once you put the alarm panel in one of the Armed modes. That is the ADT Dashboard which is not part of the ADT Tools smartapp.

Aloha Mavrrick,
My ADT panel died and I got a replacement under warranty. After adding all the sensors back in I added the tiles from ADT-tools 2 however they don’t actually do anything. Tied to run a live IDE event tracker but nothing shows up when I click any of the 3 buttons (did try anther button to lock the door and it showed that event). I still have the ADT-tools 2 and the 3 daughter apps with only the parent app published. These are from 2 years ago (I couldn’t ever figure out how to link my Smartthings IDE Account to yours).
Thanks in advance

Based on what you said I would check to see if you have all of the Values setup in the main app. Since your hub changed anything that was setup for mode change need to be validated. At the very least you will need to update the configuration option where you select your ADT Hub Device. That can apply to your child apps as well.

Thanks for the quick reply. looking at it now

Deleted the buttons and then re-added then and it worked!!!

That display indicates that alarm is “DISARMED” already and “Ready to Arm”, when you arm it (Stay or Away mode), then the “DISARM” button will appear …

Hi, @HawaiiKai, same to me, when ADT Tools 2 added buttons, I did not find any use for them, nothing happens when turn them on/off, all the time they are in “off”, they did not change when any mode change in ST/Alarm hub . Can you share with me how are you using them and how did you configure them?. Thanks !!!