[Released] ADT Tools 2 for Smartthings ADT alarm sytsems

I’m using HASS.IO because my non S.T. contact sensors and motion sensors live there, along with everything in my house. I have it right now so I can tell ADT to arm / disarm the alarm and I can see the alarm’s current state. I was trying to find a way to see if the alarm is in the triggered state so I can, for example, put all my LED strips to red. Also, if my pantry door opens while ADT is armed away, toggle my virtual button that would turn the alarm to triggered mode. The only siren I have is built into the alarm panel.

With the changes to SMS text a little while back, are you looking at enabling an alternate type of notification (ie: [RELEASE] Pushover Manager Platform Integration) for all of us non-US customers?

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I will see, but won’t make any promises. You could add it as well.

I generally stear away from things that put the panel were it wasn’t designed to work(ie outside the US). If more want this funtionality it would help encourage me to add it.

@Mavrrick58 Hi there. I am having trouble with my ADT tools. I can get the virtual buttons and all but they don’t work once I get them on. Also when I go to save it says thee was a problem and to try redownloading SmartThings app. Please help.


First turn off the flag to create the buttons. You only want to set that flag while doing that setup. Once the buttons are created leaving that flag enabled will cause the smartapp to fail saving any changes.

Once the buttons are created you still need to associate them to the mode change functions. Go into that part of the smart app and associate the buttons.

Pretty sure it’s been available here in Canada almost since day 1. I got it fairly early on. But sadly we lost SMS support.

I tried adding it using the example code posted on the github but can only get the New Install Detected message to show up and it doesn’t populate the device list. I’m not exactly great with code lol

From a support perspective the ADT Smartthings panel has been a US only affair the entire time as i understand it. That is because ADT only has monitoring support in the US. So just because you could buy it and have it shipped to Canada doesn’t mean it is officially supported. At this point it is largely a mute point since the ADT Smartthings pannel is pretty much a discontinued product.

As i said i would be up for looking at the pushover functionality, but it isn’t something really on my radar. Largely because it requires a additional subscription and is likely for a small user group right now. If you are followed the directions and it isn’t working then there is a decent chance it will be a bit more involved then you think. Ontop of that i would be messing with the notification module that has been proven pretty well now and possibly creating issues.

If several other folks said hey i still need this functionality and i am in the US (main user base) then it would be a different story. It is a interesting idea to implement, and i get why you are asking.

My problem is similar. Maybe someone can help or has run into this problem. When I attempt to select my ADT Panel it is only listed as virtual, and I have no option to select the physical ADT Panel. I have attached a photo for reference.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


That looks like the IDE simulator. My suggestion is to use a mobile device and not the simulator. It is known to have issues and not work well from what i understand.

Thank you Maverick for such a quick response. I am still running inti the same issue through the mobile app. Would a hard reset of the panel be in order?

Do you have an ADT Smartthings Panel, live in the US and have it on the location you are trying to setup ADT Tools.

Yes sir. It is in my living room and I am home.

When you lookthrough your devices in the IDE do you see the ADT Smartthings Alarm Panel. It should be de ice type Nortek Panel i believe. Click on it ans see what capabilities it shows what is there.


So i decided to take a closer look at pushover this morning. It doesnt seem to bad to add it based on the example code. I have it most of the way there already. Just need to now tweak some of the code for how ADT tools works already. I will let you know if i publis it. If i do it will be a replacement option over the other methods most likely i dont want ti mess with what is there and working.

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You’re a good man! I really appreciate the work.


So i got it working with one of the child apps. There is proving to be some difficulty based on some stuff with the main app. I will need to think about this for a little bit. Going down this path may require a significant rewrite of the main parent app. Not because of a problem with either app, but simply to ensure i am using a good method to integrate.

The child apps have been pretty much figured out with the one I just got working. So it shouldn’t be to bad to add this. The one that is working now is for the Alarm Alert actions. I will let you know as i get further on this.


Well I have everything updated. Letting it bake a bit for some testing in my own environment.

One thing that will be needed is that reinstall of any part you want to use Pushover. You won’t be able to just load the update and then update your app that is installed. I fought with it the other day trying to figure it out. After i fully uninstalled and reinstalled ADT Tools it worked immediately. I think it is something to do with how the provided integration code works to init the integration with the Pushover manager.

Uninstalling/re-installing isn’t too bad since there’s not really a ton of configuration needed. If you need a tester let me know!


I have pushed the update out to Github. You should be able to update the smart from GitHub and then reinstall ADT Tools and use the Pushover integration.

The requirements for anyone wanting to use push over are as follows.

  1. Make sure you install Pushover Manager in your Smartthings IDE and have it setup and working first.
  2. Then do a clean install Of ADT Tools 2.
  3. Any time you want to use Pushover you will need to enable it and then save the app. Once the app is installed reopen it and finish the setup. This is just the nature of how Pushover integrates with Pushover manager.

I downloaded this thinking it was able to help me out with something that i assumed would be easy to do .

Basically when the ADT system is in Stay mode only the door sensors are active , Ideally i wanted to add a couple of motion sensors to this “Stay” mode .

is this possible ?

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