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[Released] ADT Tools 2 for Smartthings ADT alarm sytsems

(Big Hoss) #224

I had success, including being able to do so much more than I could with SHM, THANKS!

I now have access to my Utilitech sirens, AND can flash all my lights including the Ring camera lights, and the utilitech siren lights…

Not sure I am going to keep the Ring camera lights on the flash mode though, the more I think about it, the more I want them to self control their lighting to be able to accurately capture video…

Hmmm. How hard would it be to fire off a scene with a DMX controller via a ZigBee switch? I’ve got a cheap DMX panel and some old DMX DJ strobes that could really throw an intruder for a visually disorienting loop…

(Mavrrick) #225

You probably need to look at what methods you could use to control it via smartthings. Is there some integration that is avaliable, or could it be done by some external device like a switch. Then if it is a device like a light switch ADT Tools can interact with you would be good to go

(Mavrrick) #226

I just pushed out a update to all of the apps that are part of ADT Tools.

The update corrects a problem I introduced with the last notification change. Now the option to send push notifications is required in setup and is either on or off. It will default to off. If you are having problems with notifications after the update. Please go and check your settings and confirm it is set the way you want it. This change will likely require you to save your settings again. It should just be as simple as going to the ADT Tool notification sections and then saving the setup. Keep in mind the alert apps have their own notifications section that will also need to be validated.

(Martin) #227

Hi All,

Simple question to use ADT Tools 2 : Can I still use my old Smartthings Hub V2 or do I need to transfer all my device to my new ADT HUB and add ADT tools 2 SmartApps ?


(Mavrrick) #228

This is reall a general smartthings question.

I dont think you can have devices on the other hub. For ADT Tools to work it has to be able to see both the ADT System and your other devices you want it to to control. As I understand it you can’t have the Smartthings v2 hub and the ADT hub on the same location. So if you have two locations that is a deffinate blocker. If somehow there is a way to have both of them in one location then I would say there is a slim chance, but honestly I don’t have a way to test it. I think this is really about the radios and how they work between hubs and then how the smartthings cloud would interact.

The only thing i can tell you is to try it out and report back. First see if you can even attach the ADT system to your existing setup. If that works configure a minimal amount of stuff on the ADT side like what comes in the kit. At this point load ADT Tools and see if you can get through the basic setup and select the ADT Panel. If you can manage that then test a alarm alert with devi es managed by your regular hub. I would have hope if you can get to the step of ADT Tools installed and it can see the ADT Smartthings Panel. I expect you won’t be able to even connect the hub to your current location though.

Webcore as I understand it us your only option if you are going to span multiple locations.

(Corbin Johnson) #229

Hi All,

Migrated from Iris with the rest of you ex-Irisers. At that time I got everything set up thanks to this fantastic thread. Since then, everything has worked except my wife and I quickly realized we want entry delays. So my question is quick though I’ll add extra details below in case they’re helpful. Question: is there a way to add a delay between the contact sensor triggering the alarm state and the alarm state triggering the siren (as there would be if we were using the dual-brand sensors)?

Thanks for your help with this and for everything you have done!

Our setup:

  • Iris contact sensors on front and garage doors, main floor windows
  • Utilitech siren
  • Utilitech glass break sensor, Iris garage door controller, various light bulbs all not connected to the alarm status

Our ideal:
Iris contact sensors would trigger alarm status change, but the siren would delay for 30 seconds to allow for a user to disarm the system on phone or on keypad (particularly important for guests staying with us).

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(Big Hoss) #230

I need to check on my setup I.E. test since I don’t recall, but I seem to think I have about a 30 second delay to get to the keypad before my sirens start going off… My setup is different from yours though. I am using all dual branded sensors for alarm events, my Iris sensors went to work simply monitoring and sending messages regarding spaces I just want logging, not alarming on…

Your setup is obviously your choice, but I would recommend that you set up your lighting to come on with your alarm. My thinking is that as much light, and noise as possible with an alarm event should be sufficient to drive off potential intruders.

To that point, to replace my Iris cameras, I put in place Ring spotlight and floodlight cameras, which to be honest, are a LOT better than the first generation Iris cams! l am working on trying to figure out how to trigger the built in sirens on them with an alarm event.

My eventual goal is to have every possible light visible from outside the house come on, and all 6 sirens come on with an alarm event.

I wasn’t aware the Utilitech, or any glass break sensor was compatible with SmartThings… I was planning on going with Alexa guard for that…

(Mavrrick) #231

I think the first question to ask is, do you always want that delay with certain sensors, or every sensor.

Generally speaking I haven’t done anything with entry delay. This is largely because when designing the support for the non dual branded sensors it was to simply replace the functionality of the Smartapp “Smart Home Monitor” it didn’t have anything for entry/exit delays in the old app. In the cases were this has come up as a issue it was generally resolved by one of two things. Either using a Device handler for a siren that has a delay like the default Dome Siren, or using Dual branded sensors on the locations that need the best support for entry exit delays.

So with that said I would suggest you look at the setup of the Siren and see if it has a delay option in its configuration. If not I would suggest that you try to get dual branded sensors for entry/exit points. The second option can obviously get costly if you want this on every window.

(Big Hoss) #232

Okay, I have tested and verified. I have approximately a 45 second delay from opening the door until the siren goes off. I am using the ADT / Sartthings dual branded sensors though.

There is a difference in the way entry / exit and perimeter are handled. For example, if I open one of my monitored window sensors the siren goes off immediately. It wasn’t intended as an entry / exit point…

(Mavrrick) #233

ADT sensors lean on the entry exit delays for the ADT smartthings panel. The panels entry exit delays are not exposed to smartthings. ADT tools just enables regular sensors to work with the alarm state of the ADT Smartthings panel and the hub location alarm state in smartthings. It doesn’t do anything for entry dalay. The use of the location alarm state creates a exit delay of sorts. So if entry delay is needed you either need to use dual branded sensors or a siren that has a delay function like the Dome siren.

This is why I always suggest using the ADT sensors on atleast entry / exit points. If the desire though is to have delay no matter what is opened though you either need to use only dual branded sensors and have them set as entry/exit points or a delay’d siren.

(Mavrrick) #234

I have posted an update today to ADT Tools. It is not a requirement for any fixes so don’t feel any need to download it unless you want to do further validating of the new child app. No functionality for the regular alert or home/life child apps were touched.

The addition today was a new child app called ADT Panic Alert Action. This new child app allows ADT Tools to react to Panic alerts from either a keyfob or the ADT Security panel. Along with the panic alert monitoring this includes some new options for light activities to enable bulbs to be set to a few colors during the event. The colors can be set separately configured for lights that flash or just turn on. Considering this could be related to security, events notifications have also been made available to repeat.

Again this far from a required update, but could be nice if you are worried about panic alerts. Eventually I will port over the Color functionality to the other apps, but for now i am starting here to minimize potential impact.

(Mavrrick) #235

Just FYI. This last update will directly relate to this request. Enjoy and let me know how it works for you

(Anson Au) #236

Thanks a lot, will try it later.

(Mavrrick) #237

If you have downloaded the latest update for the Panic alert functionality I would suggest you update it again. I just pushed out a update that should fix a color change problem with the new child app for panic alerts.

(A) #238

Hello. New here and have been reading countless threat on how to download the Adt tools 2 app but I do t see any downloads. Where is the link or how do i go about doing so? Thanks

(Mavrrick) #239

The very first post in this thread describes two ways to get it. Please review that thread for the details.

(Ammar Bhutta) #240

Ok I am about to start moving finally from my Smartthings v2 HUB that was being monitored by Scout. Just got a notification that Scout will be discontuning so I guess no other option besides ADT monitoring if I intend to keep all my devices including 12 switches and 10-12 other sensors including Ring door bell, zwave smoke alarm, Linear z-wave siren, and massive automation routines.
Just a basic question first up,
When I buy the ADT hub kit then I need to install ADT Tools 2 on ADT developer account just like we used to have access on Samsung ide on v2 Hub to install custom apps like MYQ Garage?. So to be sure this ADT Tools app is an add on the ADT app I guess just to be clear?. I guess this is the starting point :slight_smile: so excuse the nature of the questions

(Mavrrick) #241

ADT tools is just another smart app. It doesn’t have any affiliation with ADT. ADT Tools enhances the integration with Smartthings beyond what is official.

Keep in mind if you are wanting all of your stuff monitored by ADT like scout you will need dual logo sensors for anything that would trigger a call to them. You can not have ADT monitoring with standard zwave/zigbee sensors. This means you may need to buy several sensors. If you are fine with unmonitored security you can use what you already have and ADT tools will help enable them.

(Ammar Bhutta) #242

Ok- I do understand only the new sensors will work for reporting that come with ADT and thats fine. I will use the two/three sensors to report to ADT but the rest are more for automation and routines, having read through the details of this post it seems like rest should work in-directly even if they are not reporting to ADT but will help continue my automation routines. Sorry to get clarification on one aspect, when you say ADT Tools is just another smart app-does it mean I need to continue using Samsung v2 HUB and old smart things app while ADT hub works in tandem along with ADT app. That’s the part that is confusing for me and not clarified as of now.

(Mavrrick) #243

I am not sure what you mean ADT App.

The smartthings v2 hub and ADT Smartthings security kit are both hubs. Generally speaking you can’t use 2 hubs and have things function between them. You would want to use one or the other.

ADT Tools is just another Smartapp that runs from the cloud. It is just that it was written to interact specifically with the ADT Smartthings Panel that is included in the ADT Smartthings kit. So to actually use it you have to have the Panel.