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[Released] ADT Tools 2 for Smartthings ADT alarm sytsems

(Andrew Wolkonowski) #249

Hey Mav, I’m new to ST, transferring over from Iris. I’m trying to use ADT Tools 2 to activate my Utilitech Siren when the security system is tripped and sets off the alarm. I’m getting a “Network or server error occurred. Try again later.” error message. Any thoughts?


(Mavrrick) #250

Most frequently that Is related to missing the step to turn off the option to create the virtual buttons. Go into the optional setup for that and change it back to off and save immediately. Then go back into ADT Tools and setup your alert action


(Andrew Wolkonowski) #251

That did the trick, thanks Mav.


(Paul Chancellor) #252


I have the ADT Smartthings hub and want to trigger external sirens while using the ADT side of the device.

I am a newbie and understand your ADT TOOLS 2 will allow me to do the above.

However, I have no experience with GIT HUB/publishing and all of the things required to implement ADT TOOLS 2.

Is there a resource that walks a new user through this process ?



(Sig40cal239) #253

Thanks for developing these tools Mavrrick. Newbie to ST from Iris and getting the hang of setting up alerts using my Iris devices. I’ve created several different integration alerts and when I click “done” to exit the ADT Tools 2 SmartApp, it goes to “Processing…” then I get a message “Something went wrong. Please try to install the SmartApp again.” I get the same message in the new and classic ST app. I’ve tried turning ADT Tools 2 off, then back on, but no change, so I’m not sure my alerts are actually active, since the ADT panel isn’t recognizing a door (with Iris sensor) was opened when the alarm is on.

Running on an iPhone. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Also, I’m wondering if you would be able to create an alert (push or text) for a timed event, i.e. “Door/Window has been left open for XX minutes”? That was one of the alerts I really liked in the Iris system.



(Sig40cal239) #254

Hi Paul,

Check out this link, it REALLY helped me figure out the ins-and-outs of the different applications.

Good luck!


(Mavrrick) #255

Go check the optional config option to create the buttons. If you have it turned on, turn it off. That will likely fix the issue.

The integrations should pop up with the name you give them for alerts. So just open ADT Tools, click on the section for “Integration Alert Actions” and the options you have setup should be listed above the area you select for new integration setups.


(Uno) #256

Hey any luck figuring this out? I just got a quote from ADT and that’s what they’re offering. I want to be able to control it from Actiontiles via ST. Not sure if Konnected or EVL-4 would work.


(Mavrrick) #257

You can already do this with ADT Tools. The use case is even listed in the Wiki at

The direct link to the wiki use case is here


(Uno) #258

ADT just came out with their new Command and Control system. Your app works with it?


(Sig40cal239) #259

Yup, that worked!

Should the integrated alert action that I created for my Iris door contacts activate the ADT hub alarm or will it only activate the Utilitech siren?


(Mavrrick) #260

@vbautomation and @baigdental

Guys. If you want to discuss a integration of a different ADT system please start your own thread and delete your posts here. This isn’t the proper place for that. It may derail or miss lead people here to discuss ADT Tools and how it works with the ADT Smartthings panel.

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(A) #261

Thanks but when I looked at the first post and click on the link it take me to the source codes. Not really an app to download?


(Mavrrick) #262

Because this is a community provided app it needs to be loaded to the Smartthings IDE. That means you would either have the IDE pull from github, or load the source yourself. . I would suggest you do some research on what that means for Smartthings and how to install them.

There are some good tutorials in the community. There is also a bunch of good information on



Mavrrick I am new to ADT smarthings and have started using the ADT Tools 2. I have found the tools you have supplied extremely helpful. I have some ADT sensors and some non-ADT sensors and some Utilitech Sirens that I brought over from the Lowes Iris eco system. I discovered this week that if I include the IRIS motion sensors for monitoring that the the Utilitech Sirens are triggered as soon as motion is detected (i.e. from either ADT or non-ADT sensors) and the alarm is in the Armed state. In reading this thread an alarm delay is not supported, and the sirens are triggered as soon as any of the monitored sensors are activated. In the ADT Mode Change Integration there is a setting for Alarm Delay. Is this just when only using ADT branded sensors? Or is this for a future capability that you intend to enable?Or perhaps I am not using the tools correct? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and keep up the great work!


(Mavrrick) #264

Did you complete the optional step to install SHM and then remove it prior to the install of ADT Tools?



No I did not, and I do not see SMT as an available Smart App to install. How do I go about finding it and installing? Must I uninstall ADT Tools 2 first?



(Mavrrick) #266

Uninstalling ADT Tools won’t help. Smart Home monitor is removed from the list of apps once you add the ADT Smartthings Panel to the location. You will need to follow steps to effectively trick Smartthings into letting you install it before the ADT Hub is on the location.

I believe the steps are to 1. Create new location in smartthings. 2. Install Smart Home Monitor from the list of apps. 3. Move all of your devices from one location to the other including the hub.


(Garrett) #267

Is there a way to create virtual buttons for panic events on the ADT panel? I have the Mode Virtual buttons up and working already, but don’t see anything about the 3 panic buttons on the ADT panel.


(Mavrrick) #268

There is no way to send a panic alert to the ADT Side from Smartthings. You will either need to do it at the panel or with the ADT Smartthings keyfob.