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[Released] ADT Tools 2 for Smartthings ADT alarm sytsems


(Rbosbourne) #137

Thanks, windows was just an example I need more automation, with the non ADT sensors, smart plugs, motion sensors, utiltech siren that I brought over from IRIS.
Would your product not give me control over these items ?

(Rbosbourne) #138

btw Maverick, I will ask in the gneral thread as you suggested.
Love the work you are doing also.

(Mavrrick) #139

ADT Tools is really intended to help trigger actions based on alarm activity.

If you wanted to trigger lights to turn on or flash, a siren, or a camera to record when a alarm event occurs then ADT Tools may help. If the trigger isn’t related to the alarm then ADT Tools probably won’t do anything for you. That is why i mentioned “Left It Open” and “Ecobee suite”. They are both smartapps that i use for activity that doesn’t involve the alarm. I also use “Smart Lighting” for allot as well. It is great for triggering anything that shows up as a switch, and that is allot of stuff you may not think.

Thank you.

(Nick Tam) #140

Hi @Mavrrick58, thanks for your awesome app for the ADT Smartthings integration.
I am moving from an Iris by Lowes system, and have TONS of devices to migrate over.
I successfully added the 2nd gen Iris Keypad and got it to work with ADT Tools 2 and your Lock Manager Fork, which I can now arm and disarm the ADT alarm panel from the Iris Keypad.
What I was wondering if it is possible to use the Iris gen 2 contact sensors to trigger the ADT alarm when armed and the contact sensor is opened. I’ve checked out the ADT Alert actions section, but I’ve only managed to trigger an alert via text or push, not activate the alarm. Is it possible? or do I HAVE to use an ADT sensor =(

(Mavrrick) #141

You can use ADT Tools to help monitor non ADT sensors based on alarm state, but it can’t trigger the internal siren or be monitored by ADT. You would still need a external siren to go off using non ADT sensors

(Asad Hafeez Yousufi) #142

Under ADT mode change integration, I cannot select ADT panel, I seems like that ADT panel that ADT SmartThings starter pack is not found, any idea how to fix that?

(Mavrrick) #143

The starter pack is the same for everyone so i don’t think that is it. Are you sure you are on the right location with the panel.

(Asad Hafeez Yousufi) #144

Thanks for responding, yes I am just in front of the ADT panel (tablet comes along with ADT starter Kit) on same wifi network where everything is connected

(Mavrrick) #145

Sorry. I wasn’t clear. I mean location in the smartthings app.

(Rbosbourne) #146

Thanks for the clarification

(Corey Schob) #147

Hello, New user from Iris. Im trying to setup all my interior lights to blink when the alarm has been triggered. I have installed the ADT Tools 2 application and the 2 Child apps ADT Alert Action and ADT Home-Life Alert Action. I published them. I also published the ADT Tools Button DH.

I can’t seem to get it to talk to the panel. All the features show up in both the new app and the classic app. Ive also tried to setup the repo but can’t find where you listed the the owner, name and branch to set it up.

The tiles show up on my dash board. I have gone thru the menus of the app and selected the lights that I want to turn on and blink. I followed the code for blinking lights only “3”.

Im obviously missing something. Any help would be appreciated.

(Mavrrick) #148

What do you have working and what isn’t working exactly. Are you able to get notifications from ADT Tools. If you loaded the DH i would suspect you are trying to use the Mode Change functionality. Is that working. Are you using ADT Sensors and if not did you take the extra steps to enable the location alarm status.

(Corey Schob) #149

Thank you for the reply Mavrrick. I’m not using the notifications, as the ones built in to the panel are sufficient for now. It’s really about the mode change function. All my sensors are ADT. I do have some iris sensors but I’m not using them for alarm purposes.

Attached are some screen shots of my settings.

(Mavrrick) #150

So there are a few things to note from the info in your scree shots.

First turn off the flag to create the virtual buttons in the “Optional Settings”. That option is really need just to be turned on for the initial button creation and can create problems if left on. Just turn it off and save until the app configuration is updated.

Second, it loos like you have the mode change functionality setup properly based on the screen shots. With that said can you push the buttons from the Devices section of the Smartthings app and have the alarm change modes? It should work. As a side note you have to go to Disarmed between Armed/Stay and Armed/Away.

For the alert action setup that may be a little bit more complicated to diagnose. My first question is when you click on “Integration Alert Actions” do you see any installed apps. YOu should see the installed apps listed above the available apps.That would mean they would be listed above the line that says “Alarm Action Event Apps”. If you see the app listed there with the name you gave it then great it means the alert app installed. One screen shot you don’t have listed is the first page you get when setting up the Alert Action App. Please make sure the switch for all ADT Sensors is on and that you have all of the ADT sensors you want to trigger on listed below in the triggers option. You do have a screen shot for the Alert Actions setup page. That looks really good. What you don’t show are the Optional Light Configuration. You shouldn’t actually need to set anything there, but you may want to. Simply put that the place where you set the light timing for flashing, and if you want it to flash for a number of times, or if you want it to flash until the alarm is turned off. By default it should flash 3 times with 5 seconds on and off. I use 2.5 second flashes 6 times and then have smartthings continue until the alarm is turned off.

If that continues to not work you may want to go into the Smartthings IDE. Click on your location for the hub and then click on live Logging and generate the error and send it to me. This functionality has been working for some time and has been tested repeatedly.

(Corey Schob) #151

Thanks Mavrrick. Simply toggling the switch to add the buttons/tiles fixed the problem.

One other thing I’m trying to do is get my kitchen lights to turn on when the alarm is disarmed I’ve selected I’m not sure if this function is possible with the button/ tiles the app creates. But here is how I have the automation is setup.

(Mavrrick) #152

What you need to remeber when setting up automations with the ADT Buttons is they dont replace the functions on the panel but simply expose them to Smartthings. That means your above automation would work when the button is pressed but not when lets say the panel is disarmed from the panel or the Smartthings app ADT Dashboard.

That is why i use another routine that does actions on presence and part of the actions is to press the button along with the ither things like turn on lights.

(Anson Au) #153

Hi Mavrrick,

Anyway to trigger the external siren when I press the panic button on the Adt ST panel?


(Geo) #154

Hello, I’m new to all this but it appears I have found the right solution for what I want from my ADT Smartthings. I got the ADT Tool 2 parent and two child added and published however When i try to create the ADT tool Button I get the flowing error. Any ideas?

No signature of method: script_app_metadata_b60e9a69_bb84_404b_9c74_c8f6857369e2.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script_app_metadata_b60e9a69_bb84_404b_9c74_c8f6857369e2$_run_closure1) values: [script_app_metadata_b60e9a69_bb84_404b_9c74_c8f6857369e2$_run_closure1@11be0167] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

(Mavrrick) #155

Can you please check in the IDE and ensure the DTH is published as well as the apps.

(Marc) #156

Hi - new to smartthings in general so all of this GitHub stuff is pretty confusing. I believe I set up everything in the IDE correctly (copied the code from the parent app and published it to myself, and copied the code for the two child apps and just saved).

I’m having trouble getting these buttons (which I think is why I really wanted your app - to use those buttons to integrate with my routines). It seems like based on recent comments, these buttons should generate automatically, and if not, you choose to create the buttons under the optional setup - but when I do that I get an error.

I think I may be missing a device handler you’ve mentioned, but I don’t see where to get your code for that - it’s not listed where I found the parent and 2 child’s?

This is obviously user error so I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction based on the steps I’ve followed so far. :slight_smile: