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I have a new version of Zwave Thermostat Manager with lots of bug fixes, dropped unpopular features and redesigned UI.

Keep your home comfortable regardless of season or who changes the settings and forgets to adjust them back when needed.

Get the code from here:


Original version can be found here:

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New version is out adding the option to turn off thermostat when temperature is neutral (thanks @Mbhforum). Also a fix for a bug discovered by @jmccausland. And a new feature - use the average of multiple remote sensors to better manage the temperature. Enjoy!

Get the code from here:


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  1. When enabling remote sensors, does that disable the built in thermostat temp sensor required me to select it again in the list of sensors or is it always used and averaged in? I assume I’d need to select it in the list or its not used.

  2. I don’t understand the settings underneath that. Where you choose the low temp and mode to use when it drops below, I get. Then it says “heating temperature (degrees)” and “cooling temperature (degrees)”. Similar for the upper temperature settings. Can you explain these heating/cooling temperatures?

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  1. If you want to average multiple sensors, including the internal thermostat sensor, then yes, you need to select your thermostat again. If you only want to use the thermostat and no other sensors, then you don’t need to enable the remote sensors.

  2. when the mode changes because the temperature reading is above a certain temperature, then the heating set point is also adjusted (cooling is optional). When the temperature goes below the threshold, a cooling set point is changed (heating optional).

I found that changing the mode didn’t help when seasonsl change, so I added the temperature adjustments. If your cooling is set to 74 during the day, and the temperature at night drops, when you change to heat you want to bump up/down the heating temperature. Likewise for cooling…

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New version released 6/12/17 for more details check out this thread…