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I haven’t been able to find enough time to mess with this yet. I’ll try to get to it this week.

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Well, apparently there is a limit of 19 buttons for the automation. I’m not keen on trying to do some dynamic configuration, which is possible I think. So that means the best bet is to drop 3 buttons (one each for upper paddle, lower paddle, and relay switch) to get down to an “even” 18.

So…here are the candidates:

  1. The “Release after hold” action (retaining hold, which occurs
  2. The “Hold” action (retaining release, so it wouldn’t do anything until you release the button)
  3. The five-press action

Thoughts anyone?

So which parameter enables instant On/Off with the switch for the paddle (no dimming at all)? Maybe I’m understanding incorrectly, and if I am I apologize, but when looking at the ZEN30 manual, it states the following:

Ramp Rate Control for Dimmer
Parameter 13: Adjust the ramp rate for the dimmer (fade-in / fade-out effect for on/off operation). Values correspond to the number of seconds it takes for the dimmer to reach full brightness or turn off when operated manually.Values: 0 – instant on/off; 1 – 99 (seconds).
Default: 1.Size: 1 byte dec.

Then this is also in the manual which states value 0 = the setting in parameter 13 above:

Z-Wave Ramp Rate for Dimmer
Parameter 22: Choose if you would like to match the Z-Wave on/off ramp rate with the manual ramp rate or set it separately in your hub.Values: 0 – Z-Wave on/off ramp rate matches the manual ramp rate set in Parameter 13. 1 – Z-Wave on/off ramp rate is set separately through its command class in the hub. Default: 0.
Size: 1 byte dec.

Sorry for all the questions. I definitely appreciate all your work!

Parameter 13 (“Ramp Rate”) controls the speed the light turns on when you physically hit the paddle.

Parameter 22 (“Zwave Ramp Rate Control”) is related to controlling the ramp rate when using Zwave (ie through the app/platform). You can either have it just match whatever you set in Ramp Rate (parm 13) or you can control it via software through other preferences.

The other preferences are “Zwave Ramp Type” and “Zwave Ramp Speed”. If you set the Zwave Ramp Type to seconds or minutes, then the value in Zwave Ramp Speed is used. If you set it to instant, then when you turn it on via smartthings, the light will go instantly to the last brightness and not fade in. The zwave ramp stuff is strictly via zwave command classes and isn’t an actual parameter on the switch itself.

So if you set Zwave Ramp Rate Control to “Controlled by Ramp Type and Ramp Rate parameters” and then set Zwave Ramp Type to “Instant”, when you turn the light on via zwave (through the app, automation, etc) it will be instant on.

To mirror that for when you physically hit the switch, set “Ramp Rate” to 0.

Hope that makes it all clear…

Yes that’s clear. So I have all those parameters set properly however I notice that when I turn the paddle on or off I have wait for the LED “animation” to go from bottom to top or top to bottom before it finally registers to turn on/off the light and relay even though there’s no dimming or ramping done at all. It’s about 2 seconds or so for that to happen.

Here are my settings:

Have you considered using a custom dth for the relay that handles the seven buttons for the relay and reduce the buttons on the parent switch to just the 14 for the paddles?

Got some other information I was not aware of - plan on redoing it, so there will be no sacrifice of buttons. :slight_smile: Stay tuned…


Hi @doncaruana,


Just got an email from Zooz about this device and associated DTH’s. Here’s a link to their documentation:


Says that 2 DTH’s are needed, but that’s not the case with your latest release. The child DTH they’re having people install never gets called from your DTH. You might want to let them know unless what you have in the works changes that too?

Anyway, FYI.

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