[Release] Zooz Zen27 Dimmer v2.x

Also would like to mention I did try to run couple of times the zwave network repair before I noticed this problem. I don’t think this is related but just thought I will mentioned it

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When I updated to the latest DTH, there were some orphan settings left over and visible in the mobile app settings for the device. Deleted them right there and everything was good again.

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@doncaruana @NomadTech Today I came home and lots of my switches ZEN27 and 26 are offline
, however they work fine via smartthing app, I can turn them on/off dimm it
Any ideas?

Sorry it happens when I turn ON “Device Health”

If you are using the new app (vs classic app), this is not uncommon.

I have unplugged my hub for 5+ minutes and now all switches are back online, only one zooz 4-1 sensor is offline but that could be battery issue
Lets hope it will last :slight_smile:
I use both new and classic app

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I just acquired a Zen27 and installed this DH, but when I did this install the switch goes from local execution to cloud, is there anywhere to run this DH with local execution?


Smartthings won’t allow custom handlers to run locally, if I recall correctly.

Use Aeotech WallMote to remotely control the Zen27 switch and dimmer functionality.

Remote switch functionality works, but not dimmer.

Already have the Zooz Zen27 Dimmer Switch v2 custom device handler installed and working (validation I can change the dimmer level from smarthings app).

Already have the Aeotech erocm123 custom device handler installed and working (well I see the custom settings, but they’re not syncing to the wallmote).

Followed https://aeotec.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/6000162573-wallmote-quad-smartthings-hub-custom-device-handler-by-erocm123

Button Controller SmartApp - works to turn the Zen27 light on and off, but I’m not seeing any options to manipulate the dimmer. I haven’t anything more advanced like Direct Control, until I get the dimmer issue figured out.

Am I missing something obvious?