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[RELEASE] Zooz Smart Chime

(Mark) #81

Wonder if it is exactly the same inside?

May be a ‘naming’ issue involved here?!?


(Kevin) #82

That’s a completely different device that’s just a siren. You’re probably better off using one of the default zwave siren DTHs because most of those run locally.

The Zooz Smart Chime supports multiple sounds, volumes and can be used as a chime and/or a siren.

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oh sorry… my bad

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(Kevin Lawrence) #84

For anyone searching the forums in the future this is the Zooz ZSE01 that does not work. I just made the mistake of thinking this was also a chime and not just a siren.


(Kevin) #85

The Zooz Smart Chime is ZSE33, but you probably won’t be able to find it anywhere because it’s been discontinued.

You can still get the Dome Siren (DMS01) which is the same device as the Zooz Smart chime.


(MacTechGenius) #86

What is the difference between the Dome & Zooz in regards to reliability and functionality?

I want to use it as a chime for my doorbell.



(Kevin) #87

The Zooz siren you’re linking to is not the same siren that this topic is for.

If you’re looking for a siren with some chime options you should go with the Dome Siren, but if you don’t need a siren and would like to be able to play custom mp3 files for audio notifications you should look into the Aeotec Doorbell.


(Tony B.) #88

How loud is the siren on the Dome? It says 101dB but the reviews say it’s not even close to that.


(Kevin) #89

I just posted a new version which provides limited functionality with the new mobile app. If you want to edit the settings you’ll need to use the classic app and custom handlers are not officially supported in the new mobile app yet so this handler could stop working with the new mobile app without any notice.

If the device was added using the new mobile app before you installed this code, I believe you need to install the code, remove the device, and then add the device again.

If the device was added using the classic mobile app you should be able to make it appear in the new mobile app by updating the code and then saving the device settings screen using the classic mobile app.


(John McIntire) #90

For the life of me I cannot get my ZSE33 to be seen as anything other than a Zwave switch - I have spent hours excluding and including, found the right shard server - added the code, removed the batteries, stood on my head - anything else to try?


(Subramanian Lakshmanan) #91

I am new to Smartthings. I used Veralite for 4 years and Wink for 2 years now trying to move to Smartthings. I added the Zooz alarm/ chime using the instruction and it shows as Zooz smart Chime in ST but not seeing the different chime or alarm option. I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance



Hi Mani, are you using the Classic app or the new app? The new app doesn’t give you access to advanced features so for complex devices like the ZSE33 we recommend using the Classic app (you should be able to run both in parallel).


(Kevin) #93

Open the device in the IDE and change the “Type” field to “Zooz Smart Chime”. If you installed and published the handler then you should see it at the bottom of the list.