[RELEASE] Zooz Smart Chime

Hello - so i was able to get the zooz smart chime up and running, connected to the ST hub, but it only appears as a switch that is on or off…and when on, i can’t select a particular function (Chime, Beep, Siren)…

So what i am looking to do…if a door opens, it beeps
If someone hits my doorbell, it chimes
If the alarm is triggered, Siren time.

seems all or none, whatever the one value is set to, is what you get, whenever that device is activated by an event.


I should state - i used the code above and was successful there. I can set the different parameters for each action (Beep, chime or alarm)…just can’t seem to call a particular function from an action…

@krlaframboise actually one other question. i see these four device handlers when checking the repo from ST IDE. what are the differences between these … is there a description somewhere?


thank you.

That other code you mentioned is not associated with my GitHub repository and has nothing to do with this device…

You can use SHM to play the 3 types of sounds. Select it as a Siren to turn on the siren. Select it as a switch to play the “Switch On” sound.

SHM doesn’t support the Tone capability so you’ll have to select it as a switch and specify the dim level to play the corresponding sound as a chime. dim level 10 = sound 1, dim level 20 = sound 2, etc…

@krlaframboise yeah, i messed up there. that was a different question for a different thread.

on the chime, what i am getting is that can’t change the volume or repeats but when used as a switch i can get different chimes to play. wish ST would do a better job of keeping up with the support for newer devices. may be they are holding back for the hub v3 … give the hub v2 is selling discounted now.

thanks again.

So, help me out here - as a switch, it is on or off and when it is on, i get a chime. Is there smartapp code that will allow me to select the parameters for the particular event?

All i see is event happens, switch turned on (and plays the tone and duration / volume) but for only one of the three tones (tone, beep or alarm)

You can use any SmartApp.

Smart Home Monitor, setup a custom monitor for when the door opens, select the device as a switch and set the level to play the corresponding sound. Set level to 50 and it will play chime 5.

If you select the device as an Alarm/Siren, it will play the sound specified in the siren settings when the siren, strobe, or both commands are executed.

If you select the device as a switch it will play the sound specified in the “Switch On” setting when the switch is turned on.

If you select the device as a switch, you can also set the dim level to play the corresponding sound number. If you set the dim level to 10 it will play sound 1.

The chime volume and chime repeat settings are applied to all chimes that are played.

Set the chime volume to 3 in the settings and turn it on. Then change the chime volume to 1 in the settings and turn it on. You should be able to hear a noticeable difference in the volume.

ok - this is somewhat helpful - but what about how to engage the charm?

I understand that switch is “switch on” and Alarm is “siren”, but what do i do to initiate the Chime?


Select device as switch from any SmartAp and set dim level to 10 to play chime #1, 20 to play chime #2, …, 100 to play chime 10.

There are only a few SmartApps that support the Tone capability so you most likely won’t be able to use that beep chime setting, but it’s not needed because of the dim level feature I explained above.

Thanks! This helps a lot.

I think what I was doing to make it “stuck” was using the lighting option and turning it on. I’d hear it once and then we’re done. Turns out I wasn’t turning the light off and so ST assumes it’s already on.

The way I tried changing settings was through the ST API. Should have the same effect as through the app. It didn’t work any different because it was still “on”.

So it seems when you turn it on through Smart Lighting and try to use the off in the Chime app, SL still thinks the light is already on.

The way I made this work is through smart lighting by turning the chime on when any of the doors open. I don’t know how to turn it off other than creating a 2nd rule that turns the chime off if the “switch” is turned on. Maybe there is a cleaner way to do this.


The Switch On command changes the switch status to on, plays the sound and then sets the switch status back to off so that shouldn’t be an issue.

It should, but it doesn’t always…

The switch state is supposed to reset automatically so this shouldn’t be necessary.

If it’s not automatically changing back to off then you’re better off using the “Turn On & Set Level” option in Smart Lighting and use the “Dimming Level” field to specify the sound # you want to play. (10% = 1, 20% = 2, etc.)

Can you elaborate on using the 10 different chimes using any smartapp? I don’t understand what that means exactly. Sorry, noob.

I added the device handler and works great but I cannot use different chimes for different triggers. Is there a way to do this? I would like different chimes for say, the front door vs the back door.

It looks like I never added that to the first post so I’ll do that now, but I have already elaborated in 5 posts above…

Thank you for the reply. I think I may be missing something though. I set up a routine, added the zooz as a dimmable light switch, change the dimming level to 10% (or whatever) but it still only plays the pre-selected sound set in the device handler.

Which sound are you using for your “pre-selected sound set in the device handler”?

I have selected 6 for my switch on chime sound, 3 for my beep and 8 for the alarm. No matter what I select for the dimmable percentage in my routine, it plays number 6 for my switch on chime sound.

I know it works with Smart Lighting and I’m pretty sure it works with Smart Home Monitor, but I’m not sure if I ever tested it with Routines.

It’s possible the routine always executes the on command before setting the level which would prevent it from working properly, but I’ll test it tonight.

If that’s the case then I’ll add “Disabled” to the on sound setting and have it ignore the on command when disabled.

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Hey cool, thank you!