[RELEASE] Zooz Smart Chime

Thanks Kevin! I have 4 of the chimes for various parts of the house, is there any way to have all four trigger when a button is pressed?


You can set the “Switch On” setting to the sound you want to play and use Smart Lighting to turn them all on when the button is pushed.

Kevin, I understand the siren and switch use cases, but so far I haven’t found any Smart Apps that can use the beep use case. Do you know of any Smart Apps that can trigger the beep option?

DTH is great, by the way, thanks for developing it

The “Tone” capability has the beep command which I always implement, but there are only a couple of custom SmartApps I’m aware of that use it.

I just posted a new version that allows you to select the device as a dimming switch in SHM and Smart Lighting.

Setting the level to 10% plays chime 1, 20% plays chime 2, etc.


Kevin, thanks for the development! For some reason the device is only showing as a “Z-Wave Switch”, and only has on-off functionality. Am I doing something wrong? I’m using the latest 1.2.1 code.


If you installed the handler after you added the device to SmartThings, you’ll need to exclude it and then reinclude it back to SmartThings. We post detailed instructions on how to create and assign custom device handlers for battery-powered devices here so you can verify each step of the process: https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/blogs/the-smartest-blog/how-to-install-a-custom-device-handler-in-smartthings

This is how the device should show up in your app:

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Thanks, I know what I did wrong, I didn’t select the location and hub–duh!

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I have the DH setup and it works… But it seems the actual On/Off press through the dashboard is disabled. You have to press one of the specific tiles to get it to trigger… I’m trying to use it as an open/close chime for RBoys lock management and its not letting me select the chime.

The device can do a lot of things so the primary tile displays a status instead of on/off.

Now that SmartThings has a functional dashboard I’ll change the primary tile so that tapping it executes the on or off command depending on the status, but that won’t have any affect on your ability to select the device from a SmartApp.

@krlaframboise thank you for the DH. is there a way to control the chime volume and number of repeats through the custom chime command? i am using it through webcore.

thanks again.

I recently purchased the ZSE33 and included it before I knew about needing a specific handler. I got it working and was changing parameters. Suddenly it stopped working. I think it’s because I was hitting replace at the bottom instead of just Done. I removed the device and re-included it. Quick test and it worked fine.

I went in to change the parameters and it stopped again. When I push Turn On, the app sends “on command was sent to Zooz Smart Chime” (from your debug), but nothing happens at the chime.

I may have some misunderstanding around the device. The mfgr instructions indicate the device can be a chime or siren depending on parm 7 mode. Your interface in ST makes it appear as though you can have a chime, a beep, and a siren. That would be nice if possible, but how do I access them from ST? Is this where a virtual device would come in?

Sorry, I seem so lost on this even though this can’t be that difficult.

Not at this time.

The volume is controlled by a configuration setting so changing it before playing the sound would create a delay of a few seconds and could cause reliability issues.

I might add that functionality at some point, but SmartThings has been really unreliable lately so I’m holding off on enhancements until things improve.

I’m not sure how you attempted to “change the parameters”, but all you should be doing is opening the device through the mobile app and changing the settings which are unrelated to configuration parameters.

There are 10 sounds and whichever sound you choose for the “Siren Sound” setting will play as a siren when the device is selected as an Alarm and the siren, strobe, or both command is executed.

The sound # specified in the “Switch On Chime Sound” setting will play as a chime when the device is selected as a switch and the on command is executed.

The sound # specified in the “Beep Chime Sound” setting will play as a chime when the device is selected as a Tone Generator and the beep command is executed. (almost no smartapps support this capability)

You can also select the device as a Dimming Switch from almost any SmartApp and play the 10 chimes by setting the dimming level. If you set the dimming level to 10 it will play chime 1, level 20 will play chime 2, etc.

ahh, ok, thank you.

Hello - so i was able to get the zooz smart chime up and running, connected to the ST hub, but it only appears as a switch that is on or off…and when on, i can’t select a particular function (Chime, Beep, Siren)…

So what i am looking to do…if a door opens, it beeps
If someone hits my doorbell, it chimes
If the alarm is triggered, Siren time.

seems all or none, whatever the one value is set to, is what you get, whenever that device is activated by an event.


I should state - i used the code above and was successful there. I can set the different parameters for each action (Beep, chime or alarm)…just can’t seem to call a particular function from an action…

@krlaframboise actually one other question. i see these four device handlers when checking the repo from ST IDE. what are the differences between these … is there a description somewhere?


thank you.

That other code you mentioned is not associated with my GitHub repository and has nothing to do with this device…

You can use SHM to play the 3 types of sounds. Select it as a Siren to turn on the siren. Select it as a switch to play the “Switch On” sound.

SHM doesn’t support the Tone capability so you’ll have to select it as a switch and specify the dim level to play the corresponding sound as a chime. dim level 10 = sound 1, dim level 20 = sound 2, etc…

@krlaframboise yeah, i messed up there. that was a different question for a different thread.

on the chime, what i am getting is that can’t change the volume or repeats but when used as a switch i can get different chimes to play. wish ST would do a better job of keeping up with the support for newer devices. may be they are holding back for the hub v3 … give the hub v2 is selling discounted now.

thanks again.