[RELEASE] Zooz S2 Multisiren (ZSE19)

thanks for the info! That’s a bummer, now i cannot multiple use it as a sirene and a notifier. Since i don’t want to know a door is opened at full volume, but the sirene i need to hear :slight_smile:

Connecting it to a computer and lowering the volume does NOT effect the volume of the siren, it just lowers the volume of the chime…


I received mine today, Installed a bunch of Jarvis sound files pretty awesome. space is limited though.
Maybe the future versions could have an SD slot, there is no way you can load more then 40 sound files even after deleting most of the preloaded sounds. Make sure you back them up before deleting just in case you want to put them back.


Thanks for the feedback @Albert_Santiago! We’ll look into a way to expand the space or have it accept a different file format. It would require hardware changes so it will most likely not happen in the next couple of months but hope this year still!

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i just released a new version with a setting that allows you to control the chime volume.


This looks awesome, but I wish there were fewer limitations on how many sound files I could add. An SD slot would be extremely convenient.

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I have 2 Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 MultiSiren ZSE19 , both batteries are 0% within 4 months… Both diffrent types of batteries (one with the one it came with Duracel, one with duracell Ultra).

Anyone else having this problem? the batteries are quite expensive, and i hate replacing batteries each 3-4 months.

What is the Temperature Reporting setting set to?

Temperature reporting is 1 day.

Hi Dennis, this definitely isn’t normal, if you get in touch with our support, we’ll help you optimize performance to get the battery last around a year:

I will, thanks @TheSmartestHouse.

@krlaframboise i use webcore to change the volume level, but cannot actual get the volume to change from webcore, the volume will be as it is set in the Zooz siren itself (chime volume). Is there a way to change the volume for each invidual sound with webcore?

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Not at the moment because that setting is stored on the device and not sent with the play command.

I can add that functionality, but getting it to work reliably will be time consuming and I’m working on some other projects so I probably won’t be able to get to it for a while.


Ok! Good to know i’m not doing it wrong. I am already grateful for the update you made that we can change the chime volume, good luck with your projects!

@TheSmartestHouse (Where i bought the Zooz S2) told me that the battery issue is a hardware issue with a batch:
“It sounds like the issue you’re seeing with your unit is hardware-related. We since addressed this problem in the newest batch of sirens.”

Could the device handler be updated to include capability tone (it.hasCommand(“beep”) to set the chime to on (or more advanced to a custom sound#, to use as the tone)?

For instance it can be used in SHM Delay to generate the Entry/Exit Delay Tones. Right now in SHM Delay , S2 Multisiren can be selected as the “Beep these devices on entry delay”–however it sounds the annoying siren for the course of EntryDelay).

Thanks for your continuous improvements

Yes, I can add that capability and a setting that allows you to choose which sound to play for beep.

I usually always implement that capability, but I didn’t think any of the built-in apps support it.

Is that an option in the new mobile?

Unsure, I am on classic. All the functions I’ve encountered to use device as a chime doesn’t have S2 Multisiren listed, due to the missing capability

Anyone able to get speech synthesis working from a smartapp? I tried passing text and get nothing

The device doesn’t support speech synthesis, it can only play the sounds that are on it, but you can also upload your own sounds to it.

The DTH supports the speech synthesis capability and music player capabilities so that you can play the sounds by number using the built-in SmartApps.

Use the “custom message” option and enter the sound # you want to play.

Do you know of any Zwave speakers that do support it?

The EchoSpeaks smartapp. Even better is that it could sound from multiple echos so even if in the garage it would be heard.