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[RELEASE] Zooz Power Switch / Zooz Smart Plug



Yes you can via a parameter change. I’m in the same boat as you, and I changed mine already. No problems at all so far. I’m using my version of Kevin’s DTH:

(link sent via PM)

Make sure you go into device preferences and set things up.

(Mike) #142

I don’t see this as a setting in the DTH, so how is this done? I need to set this same thing as I am monitoring my sump pump down in the basement and I don’t want to accidentally turn it off (of course I have a webCoRE piston monitoring that…but still).

(Kevin) #143

I’m also using it for my sump pump so I’ll release a new version of the DTH this weekend that has an option for that.

I’ve also added the overload configuration setting and the acceleration capability which will report active when the power goes above a configurable number.


It’s not a setting, but a tweak the the DTH code:

	standardTile("power2", "device.power", width: 3, height: 1, decoration: "flat") {
		state "power", icon: "st.secondary.activity", label:'${currentValue} W'
	main "power2"

Create a new standardTile, and then specify it in “main”. See the code above.

(Mike) #145

Excellent. That looks nice very nice in the app now.


New to this so forgive any mistakes in posting. I have used the device and driver for a few weeks and it was performing flawlessly, then this afternoon I noticed the device was “on” despite the app reporting it off. A look through the event log showed that despite the automation routine sending signals to power off, the switch was on and remained on despite my attempting to turn off via the app until I physically toggled the switch.

This activity MAY have begun after the 20.17 firmware but I can not tell for sure, I think 20.16 and 20.17 came one right after the other

seems to behaving ok now at least in response to commands from the app , have not tried automation, but I have lost a bit of confidence in it controlling a heater. Anyone else seen this behavior or have advice? Thanks

(Mike) #147

I have three, and mine are all happy. I don’t turn them off though, as I mostly use them as HEM’s. But they are working just fine still.



I’ve seen this behavior using my DTH and @krlaframboise’s DTH even prior to firmware 20.x. In fact, it’s happening to me right now… Even though I turned it off via the app and I see 0 watts, the IDE even still says it’s on, which is wrong.

I don’t turn mine off, but it’s still disappointing these devices behave this way.


As John says, we’ve seen this and it’s nothing to do with the latest firmware. We got no where trying to get it sorted out.

Just scroll up in this very thread and you will see a ton of posts on it.



So now the device shows off (finally), and I turn it on, but it still says off even though watts are at just over 5.

Hey @TheSmartestHouse, did Zooz release an new version of this device with better firmware? Remember how your site’s images were different from what we bought (offset plug for example)? Could we have got a batch that needs a firmware update or something?


Hey @Nezmo and @ericspicts,

You guys got me to thinking about something…

I think I’ve either got a workaround working, or discovered a fix…


You’ve got my attention …


Who’s DTH are you using?


krlaframboise : Zooz Power Switch


Cool. Version 1.4 (12/17/2017)?

I’m using a different DTH, and I got the on/off state to show properly. I think I know what to do for the DTH you’re using.


Yep, I’m up to date. That’s the version.

Gotta run for pizza so will check back a little later.


Let me try something, and test. Be right back…

(Kevin) #158

You guys are trying to troubleshoot this during a SmartThings outage…

If you’re on an Android device, open the phone’s application manager, find smart things, go to the Data section and clear the cache.

SmartThings has a really bad caching issue that affects larger DTHs more than smaller ones and clearing the cache usually fixes the issue you’re describing.


I’m not out. Working here.

I’m on iOS. But I want to add that what I see over and over is the device changing from on to off in the app when it has physically not changed state on the actual device. Then it might change to on in the app then off again at some point. That does not sound like caching to me. But I also see this behavior on other devices too.


I’m on Android, and the outage was a blip for me. All is well so far.