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[RELEASE] Zooz Power Switch / Zooz Smart Plug


(Kevin) #101

They’ll only be shown in live logging so you’ll probably have to leave that window open for a while…

(llcanada) #102

@elf can you share the Laundry Webcore Piston that you did for the Zooz power switch. Thanks


Okay, another device (Fan Control and using a custom DTH):

Always had the weird 255% issue on this device but here’s an example of ON/OFF but no one touched it and it did not actually turn on.

And another fan … just multiple offs on this one right now …

(Kevin) #104

The 255% is a bug in the DTH. 0xFF which converts to 255 is often used as a warning code, like low battery, so instead of handling the warning, it’s treating it like a regular value.

The repeated reporting of the correct state is also common if they’re using health check or polling the device.

If the device isn’t off when it’s reporting those then that could be a problem, but I’d have to see the DTH code to see if it’s something in the DTH or if it’s the same issue you’re seeing with the Zooz device.


Okay, probably not the best examples then so I’ll keep watching for the switch with stock handler to see if it reports in Live Logging. The issue seems to come in waves.

On that 255% issue - it still should not be reporting that the switch is ON but perhaps it’s related. The handler is

I guess I should really make Chad aware if it.


I’ve confirmed that I am not seeing anything in Live Logging on the switch that is recording ON/OFF in the device Events list. This just happened and nothing in Live Logging.

(Kevin) #107

Live logging will automatically log those errors that @johnconstantelo is seeing, but for your issue and this device you need to uncomment the log.trace line at the very bottom of the DTH in order to log more details.

Do either of you have the Aeon Doorbell and if so, do you have a lot of issues with it randomly ringing even though the doorbell wasn’t pushed?

Do you know how old your electrical system is?

Since I’ve tested the switch with a bunch of different devices and haven’t seen either of these issues and they only seem to be affecting a few users I’m trying to rule out other potential issues.


I missed that, sorry. I’ll do that now and report back when I see the next issue.

My house was built in 1997.

I do not.

(Kevin) #109

That’s going to create a lot of log entries so you might want to comment out line 401 and 724 which are necessary for what you’re trying to test…


Can you confirm you mean 401.

(Kevin) #111

Are you on the latest version of the DTH because those line numbers are way off…

I meant:



It’s possible I’m not. I’ll reinstall. My bad, sorry. I think I may have missed your latest change.


No ghost ON/OFF commands yet but seeing this?


Here you go … hope you can improve on it. BTW, this is for a LG washer and dryer, so the thresHOLD variable and a power and current condition would probably have to be changed for other brands. I’m also using an Aeon Labs Siren for audio notification (defined in variable, audDEV).

From the webCoRE dashboard … I would’ve given you a pic of this when in operation, but I’m not doing laundry at the moment, LOL:


webCoRE piston:

Just realized that I should’ve posted this in the Examples section in the webCoRE forum … oh well :blush:


Hi @krlaframboise,

Believe it or not, but Live Logging has been running this whole time, and I caught an OFF event. I have a SmartLighting rule that watches for it to turn off and then it turns it ON again:


No I haven’t, but I’ll start doing some homework on it. I need to finish cleaning the garage, and then I can get back to ST stuff today.


No, but now that you mention that I do have something odd with the Dome chime/siren. Sometimes it will chime 2 or 3 times instead of once.


I’d try @Tyler. He’d know or at least point you to the right person.

(llcanada) #119

@elf thanks for sharing.

(Kevin) #120

That’s exactly what I was looking for. There are no trace lines indicating that the on or off command was executed and the BasicReport has the value 0 so it’s definitely not something that my DTH is doing.

Have you tried adding additional logging to your other power devices to see if they’re doing the same thing?

Did you notice a lot of other Basic Report log entries that were repeatedly reporting the device a on?

Since I have multiple power devices from different manufacturers reporting Basic Reports without my DTH requesting them, I still think SmartThings is somehow sending Basic Gets on its own, but I’m still waiting for someone at SmartThings to confirm or deny that. @Tyler

Even if SmartThings is doing that, the device shouldn’t report off unless it really thinks that it’s off so I’m not sure if I can blame that part on SmartThings…

I was initially thinking it might be some type of power flicker, which I’ve always thought was the cause of the phantom Aeon Doorbell rings, but the device thought it was off for close to 20 seconds.

FYI, I’ve been reporting these issues to Zooz and they have their engineers looking into them, but so far they haven’t been able to reproduce any of them and neither have I.