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[RELEASE] Zooz Power Switch / Zooz Smart Plug


(Kevin) #81

I’m still weighing the pros and cons. I have similar situations where I don’t want the switch to ever be turned off, but having a setting like that might confuse the majority of the users.

Not being able to view devices grouped by capability was really frustrating when I first started with SmartThings which is why I ended up writing the Simple Device Viewer SmartApp.


Yeah, figures :disappointed:

I’ll reset the stats tonight when I get home …

(Kevin) #83

Let me know if the high values come back after resetting the stats.


That may not be a bad idea unless ST’s own health check logic makes the device look offline. I’ve stopped having this happen by turning on Display Power Activity, but that make looking at event/Recently info painful because there’s a ton of events to look through to find an on/off event.

(Kevin) #85

So you were also seeing this device drop offline?

I use the lastcheckin attribute to regularly checkin so even if you have all reporting disabled the device shouldn’t appear as unavailable/offline to SmartThings unless it’s really offline.


So far, no outrageous max values since the reset :thumbsup: … I’ll keep on monitoring for the next week or so …


I have all reporting on and it does not stop the erroneous going OFF/ON reporting.

(Kevin) #88

I believe the issue is on SmartThings side so we’ll see what they say about your Aeon device, but Zooz is also looking into the problem.

Is there someone particular at SmartThings we can add to this topic to find out if SmartThings automatically sends Basic Get commands to power metering devices every 15 minutes?

I find it odd that I have 5 metering switches from 3 manufacturers and they’re all sending Basic Reports within a few seconds of one another every 15 minutes.

The other switches don’t use Basic Reports to create events which is why you can’t tell they’re doing it by looking at the device’s event history…


I’ll certainly report back when I get more information. They want me to completely remove and re include the Aeon I have already returned to the stock DTH. I just have not got around to that just yet. I do, however, think this is nothing to do with the handlers as you surmise. Of course, I need to follow all their instructions before they’ll dig deeper.



Just caught this:



One more for you, this time the ghost on/off. I can assure you the switch is definitely on right now: (look at the watts)

(I have the power tile as the default so that someone doesn’t turn off the device in the Things view and so it shows power in the Things view)

Tapping Refresh gets it right again.

(Kevin) #92

i didn’t want to completely ignore the values that exceed the thresholds so instead of creating events for them I log them as warnings.

Was the off event shown in the event history as “Physical”?



(Kevin) #94

If you uncomment the trace line at the bottom of the DTH it will log more information. That should be helpful in troubleshooting the problem, but the it would have to occur while live logging is open which is unlikely…


I just read this and the switch just did it again 13 minutes ago! Timing was almost perfect.


I’ll have my PC running live logging for a while today, so I’ll post what I see. Here’s what I found so far:

(Kevin) #97

I appreciate all the logging information. I used to be able to leave live logging open at night and it would still be logging in the morning, but the last few times I’ve left it open it stopped logging after a couple of hours…

Have you ever seen a command class 64 before?

That null exception is generated within the SmartThings parse method so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t know what to do with that command class, but I doubt that has anything to do with the false switch state reporting.

I’ve written DTHs for 30+ devices and I’ve never had this much trouble with a device. The really frustrating part is that I’m still not sure if these issues are caused by the device or SmartThings.

Any suggestions on who at SmartThings I can mention to find out if SmartThings automatically requests Basic Reports from devices?


Be aware that I am seeing the false switch state reporting on other devices like regular switches. I have reported this on a new ticket to ST this morning with supporting logs.

(Kevin) #99

Are you also seeing those warnings in Live Logging?

It turns out that 64 is the command class identifier for COMMAND_CLASS_HUMIDITY_CONTROL_SETPOINT which isn’t supported by SmartThings and the device has no reason to be using it.


Honestly, not noticed yet but I will see what I can find.