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[RELEASE] Zooz Power Switch / Zooz Smart Plug



Yup. I’ve also noticed that some of the high history values are crazy high. Not for just this device, but my other 4 Zooz are doing it too. See the image below.

Yesterday’s post:

zw:L type:1001 mfr:027A prod:0101 model:000D ver:1.02 zwv:4.38 lib:03 cc:5E,25,32,27,2C,2B,70,85,59,72,86,7A,73,5A role:05 ff:8700 ui:8700

Today’s post:

zw:L type:1001 mfr:027A prod:0101 model:000D ver:1.02 zwv:4.38 lib:03 cc:5E,25,32,27,2C,2B,70,85,59,72,86,7A,73,5A role:05 ff:8700 ui:8700

Frig outlet with crazy high numbers:


One of mine is doing the same (the other is so far okay):

(RH) #43

IDK. 257v at 525A seems reasonable…Maybe it’s metric or sumthin’ If mine does this, back to Amazon it will go. Thanks for posting that.

(Kevin) #44

I’ve been monitoring a dehumidifier for 18 days and I haven’t encountered that problem.

If it’s only effecting the low/high/history fields and you haven’t seen the main tiles display the wrong value then it’s most likely a problem with my DTH because those features aren’t built into the device.

I’ll play around with it tonight and release a new version if I find the problem.

Has the power gone above 1,000 for everyone that’s seeing this problem? That’s one thing I never tested and it could be a simple formatting issue in my handler.

The energyTime attribute is supposed to look like that because it’s the time and I’m using it for calculation, so it looks like the issue is only effecting the power.


In my case, yes.

EDIT: I think I misunderstood your question. Are you asking if the appliance attached actually drew above 1,000W? If so, I can’t be sure but I highly doubt my fridge, even with fridge and freezer running does.

What about John’s voltageHigh reading above?

(Kevin) #46

I didn’t see that one, but it basically blows my theory.

Can you both check the event history and see if any of the main attributes have had high values or if it’s just been the high/low/history?

(Kevin) #47

I attached my sump pump to the switch a few hours ago since it uses a lot more power than the dehumidifier, but so far the numbers are normal.

Did you by any chance add this device to Simple Event before those big numbers showed up? That log data would probably be helpful for troubleshooting this.


No unfortunately, but I will today once I get a few other things done today.


Here you go Kevin …


Here’s some around an hour ago. Typically this device has been running between 3-300 watts:

BTW, even my Aeon switch dongles and Aeon HEMv1’s report crazy/stupid numbers at times like the Zooz devices. I have yet to figure out why, but during my debugging of the Aeon’s that was the value being sent from the device. The only thing I did to work around that was to include something in preferences the user could set as a max high to capture and use within ST, otherwise I threw it out and just logged the value.

(Kevin) #51

It looks like every time it happens there’s a normal reading within 1 second.

I hooked mine up to my sump pump 12+ hours ago and the sump pump runs for about 20 seconds every 5 minutes and all the values are normal.

Considering that you’re both having issues while monitoring a refrigerator I’m going to hook it up to mine and see if I can reproduce it.

My power switch with firmware version 1.02 should be arriving on Monday so if I can’t reproduce it with mine and I can with the new one then it’s a bug in the latest firmware.

What do you have the reporting intervals/thresholds set to?

I was just thinking the same thing.

Are you both OK with me either adding preferences or just automatically excluding values that are way outside the normal range?

What should the default exclusions be set to? 5,000 power, 150 voltage, 30 current?


Pretty low:

Yes, either would be acceptable. I like the preferences just in case any fine tuning is needed.

BTW, thanks for your work on this DTH. I’ll make sure to recognize the time you’re investing in your DTH’s, especially since I’m using a few!


What John said.

Just as another data point (although probably of no help), I have two ZEN15s with a fridge on both. Only one of the Zooz’s is having this issue so far as far as I can tell.

I’m thinking set to the max specs for the device? So, 15A, 1,800W? For voltage, 150.

(Kevin) #54

I’ve added limits to the meter values so that if a reported value exceeds them it writes a warning to live logging instead of creating events for it.

I used numbers a bit higher than the max specs because I’ve seen other products that list lower limits then what the device was really certified at just to be safe.

I used 2,000 w, 150 v, and 18 a. Energy could have really high numbers so it currently doesn’t have a limit.

I decided against preferences because most users probably won’t experience this problem so those settings would just confuse them.

The limits are set between lines 146 and 156 if you’d like to adjust them.

Let me know if you continue seeing problems.


Great stuff. Installing now. I’ll report back if I see any issues.

Many thanks.


Thanks @krlaframboise, I just updated the DTH and reset all 5 switches. I’ll keep an eye on them because all 5 were experiencing high numbers…

These switches are on a washer, dryer, frig, frig, and microwave.

(Eric) #57

momentary high amps can be seen in motor startup, may be on the nameplate as “LRA” locked rotor amps which can be briefly seen, typically 6 times the the “RLA” running load amps. So the smart switch may occasionally catch these high values, depending on the sampling instance timing.

(RH) #58

I received my Zooz a few minutes ago. Reading the pamphlet, out of the box exceeding 16.5A for 5 sec. will trip circuit protection by design, and the wattage range changes the LED color.

Pink Switch is off

Blue 0-300W

Cyan 300-600W

Green 600-900W

Yellow 900-1200W

Red 1200-1500W

Purple 1500-1800W

Purple Blink -over 1800W

Case on Fire -RUN!

I made the last one up.

It also mentions not to be used for phones or battery chargers. I suspect Lithium liability is behind that but IDK.

(Kevin) #59

One of those screenshots has the current at 525A which is 31 x the device’s circuit protection limit…


So far so good with the update for preventing high numbers.

I do have another issue though. I have described things in detail over in a thread talking about the Aeon Smart Switch 6 but after several days with the Zooz’s too I am seeing the same issue with them.

Basically, after a random amount of time one of my Zooz ZEN15s displays OFF when it has not actually been turned off. Without any interaction, eventually it will display ON again. See below:

The handler thinks the switch was turned off. It was not and you can see that power reporting continues to update. I can confirm the switch is still physically ON.

As I said, I see this on my Aeon’s too. It does not appear to be a signal issue as you can see the devices continue to report power data, etc.

One of my three Aeons has never done this and one of my two Zoozs has not - at least as far as I can tell.

Not in one single case has the device been turned off (by any means) when this happens.

To try and troubleshoot I have returned one of the Aeons back to a stock handler so I will see if the problem persists.

In the meantime I wanted to get this out here in case anyone has any thoughts. I did report this to ST Support and although the Aeons are certified, as I wasn’t using the stock handler at the time they couldn’t help.

UPDATE: Just after writing this the Aeon with the handler changed back to stock DTH changed to OFF in the app but it is still ON so I have written back to support.

Sorry to go on about the Aeon’s in here but I am seeing a common issue with the ZEN15s so wanted to mention it.

Maybe this is something unique to my setup but so far I can’t see how.