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[RELEASE] Zooz Power Switch / Zooz Smart Plug


(Alec McLure) #182

Hiya @krlaframboise,

Just got my PowerSwitch yesterday - w/ this DTH it paired up immediately - thanks!

Whenever you do another round - might be nice to add the decimal place option you added to the 4-in-1 - just a thought.

Really like this DTH!



Would it be possible for you to share how to manually tweak your DTH to accomplish this manually?

(Kevin) #184

The simplest solution is to add // in front of all the lines within the “def off() {” method.


Does this look right?
def off() {
// logTrace “Turning Off”
// return delayBetweenCmds([
// switchBinarySetCmd(0x00),
// switchBinaryGetCmd()
// ])


Ok, so I just added this device and am using this DTH. Seems to have gone without a hitch, including commenting out the off routine (thanks for the suggestion).

Now onto the real question. I bought this to monitor my outside refrigerator that has been left ajar more than once. I was planning on using the energy usage % change, but I misread that, there’s only power % change and with refrigerators, they cycle on off with large power fluctuations. Anyone have a suggestion on how to get an alert when the fridge uses more than 10% of its typical hourly usage? I’m out of my depth!

(Kevin) #187

That should be relatively easy to setup with WebCoRE.

Setup a piston that runs hourly, sends a notification if energy is over the expected limit, and then executes the resetEnergy command.

(Beau Thompson) #188

I am doing a project with 3 zen15
one is normal on/off
on the other 2 i need to lock on all the time how can i do that ?

(RH) #189

Are you afraid of them being physically being changed from on to off? If they’re on, they won’t turn off on their own, at least mine don’t.

(Beau Thompson) #190

I just went to make sure in the app there no to tun power off

(Alec McLure) #191

Just curious why you didn’t just put a contact sensor on the fridge door to notify you if it was open more than x minutes…


Need 2 sensors for fridge, and freezer. Contact switches don’t reliably sense a door that is ever so slightly ajar yet not sealed. The freezer can be within 0.05" of closed and yet not be. My experience shows when it’s left open, it looks closed, but upon further inspection it is ever so slightly ajar

(Alec McLure) #194

Ah - ok - I’m using a Quirky Tripper on my freezer and it’s worked flawlessly to identify that it’s ajar – it did take a while to adjust - but I’m betting freezer mechanisms, closing, etc. might be different. (My freezer has to be fairly open to stay open and not get shut by the magnets in the door.)

Good luck with your solution! Wondering if some kind of a temperature sensor around the door might be an additional option… (sensing colder air for too long - not sure you could have one inside).


(Beau Thompson) #195

Hi All, i will be using the zen15 to known if sump pump have run i known the DTH shows active and in inactive
how can I get a date/ time of when it is active and have it so i can track it ?
thanks for any help beau

(Eric) #196

it’s in the device log. In the phone app, pick the device you installed, and pick “Recently”. It will show the last 7 days activity, if any.

(Beau Thompson) #197

I am using WebCoRE. is resetEnergy called reset?

(Beau Thompson) #198

Can you please explain how the the switch wok in settings i have them all off I am not see a change and i hit save

Thanks for any help

(Beau Thompson) #199

I Known if i uses ts it shows power i like to change it to display the last date power was above 100
standardTile(“power2”, “device.power”, width: 3, height: 1, decoration: “flat”) {
state “power”, icon: “st.secondary.activity”, label:’${currentValue} W’
main “power2”

(Kevin) #200

You would have to create a custom attribute, store the time in that attribute when power exceeds 100, and then create a tile to display the attribute.

That’s not something I have time to walk you through…

(Beau Thompson) #201

hi all
I known on the zooz zen15 you can use the button to check z-wave signal the problem is I cam not get to it to test is there any thing i can do or look at in smart thing yo see how it working ?
is there a was to see if protection kicked in


Hi Beau, to enable the Z-Wave range test toll you need to first make sure the ZEN15 is included to your hub. Then if you press and HOLD the Z-Wave button for 6-9 seconds, it will start flashing green and then either stay solid green (good connection), flash orange (connection issue diagnosis in progress), stay solid orange (fair connection), or stay solid red (failed connection) until you click the Z-Wave button again.

If by “protection” you mean overload protection, then you’ll be able to see if it the switch turned off by itself without any automations or commands, this is usually a sign of overload protection following a current draw over 16.5 Amps.