[RELEASE] Zooz Power Switch / Zooz Smart Plug

I received my Zooz a few minutes ago. Reading the pamphlet, out of the box exceeding 16.5A for 5 sec. will trip circuit protection by design, and the wattage range changes the LED color.

Pink Switch is off

Blue 0-300W

Cyan 300-600W

Green 600-900W

Yellow 900-1200W

Red 1200-1500W

Purple 1500-1800W

Purple Blink -over 1800W

Case on Fire -RUN!

I made the last one up.

It also mentions not to be used for phones or battery chargers. I suspect Lithium liability is behind that but IDK.

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One of those screenshots has the current at 525A which is 31 x the device’s circuit protection limit…

So far so good with the update for preventing high numbers.

I do have another issue though. I have described things in detail over in a thread talking about the Aeon Smart Switch 6 but after several days with the Zooz’s too I am seeing the same issue with them.

Basically, after a random amount of time one of my Zooz ZEN15s displays OFF when it has not actually been turned off. Without any interaction, eventually it will display ON again. See below:

42 AM

The handler thinks the switch was turned off. It was not and you can see that power reporting continues to update. I can confirm the switch is still physically ON.

As I said, I see this on my Aeon’s too. It does not appear to be a signal issue as you can see the devices continue to report power data, etc.

One of my three Aeons has never done this and one of my two Zoozs has not - at least as far as I can tell.

Not in one single case has the device been turned off (by any means) when this happens.

To try and troubleshoot I have returned one of the Aeons back to a stock handler so I will see if the problem persists.

In the meantime I wanted to get this out here in case anyone has any thoughts. I did report this to ST Support and although the Aeons are certified, as I wasn’t using the stock handler at the time they couldn’t help.

UPDATE: Just after writing this the Aeon with the handler changed back to stock DTH changed to OFF in the app but it is still ON so I have written back to support.

Sorry to go on about the Aeon’s in here but I am seeing a common issue with the ZEN15s so wanted to mention it.

Maybe this is something unique to my setup but so far I can’t see how.

I should be receiving my new switch tomorrow and then I’ll be able to troubleshoot, but I just looked through my event history and every once in a while I see a switch ON entry that’s physical and with my DTH, physical events should only occur when the device is physically turned on/off.

The high value thing is still bugging me, especially since it’s also happened with other devices so I’m wondering if the data is sending a value that SmartThings doesn’t like and it’s not doing the conversion properly.

Would you mind inserting the following directly below line 311 and if you see any warnings in live logging post a few of them?

if ("$description".contains("3202") && cmd?.scaledMeterValue > 2000) {
	log.warn "Description: ${description}\nCmd: ${cmd}"

Absolutely. I’ll do that now and let you know.

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It is my suspicion perhaps this is a system-wide anomaly causing occasional, random, asynchronous erroneous events.

There are a number of reports of this behavior and I’ve been following several of those threads.

My own experience is a remote, sleepy contact switch on a door that has not been opened that suddenly reported ‘open’ – and was later physically checked and found closed.

After the DTH was modified to fetch the contact state when the sleeping device woke to tell its battery state, it reported the door ‘closed,’ as expected.

Here’s the story. Draw your own conclusions…

Thank you. I was thinking along these lines too. Non-battery powered devices don’t sleep though do they?

I thought at first it may be like the occasional problem I get of a random Z-Wave device actually turning on by itself but in those cases the device physically is turning on. In this case of course it is not and it’s erroneously reporting. In fact, it was those random physical ons that prompted me to write a piston to alert me to if the power switches go off as I have fridges attached and that would bad. That’s how I noticed this problem. Thankfully it’s just bad reporting.

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Right. They also report more often, hence the more frequent issues??? Interesting question.

Synchronization is difficult enough in a small, embedded system – ever write a dual-ported memory controller, for example?! :yum: Can only imagine in a distributed cloud environment the complexity is greater…

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Just a quick update. I watched this several times this afternoon and did not notice any errors in Live Logging. Furthermore, since making that change in the handler I have not seen the device report erroneously as OFF like I have been. I don’t think your change was meant to address that but I wonder if it is somehow causing the device status reporting to stay current - sort of what @Barkis was referring to. I don’t know enough to know if that makes sense.

My Mac died early this evening then I had company and the combination meant I did not watch the ON/OFF status of the device or watch logging for some time. Jumping on my wife’s Mac now I’m watching Live Logging again but so far no errors so nothing new to report just yet other than my Beverage Fridge is still reporting ON correctly.

I’ll update again tomorrow in between getting my sorry Mac to the Apple store.

The invalid on/off reports are caused by either the device or SmartThings randomly sending a Basic Report.

All I did was make the Meter Report handler not create the event if the value exceeds the limit so the other problem going away has to be a coincidence.


I was referring to the debug change you had me add in the handler but I understand your point on the ON/OFF.

Hopefully Support will respond on the ON/OFF issue.

I’d like to see an option to disable toggling power off / on. I am using this on my garage refrigerator, and really NEVER want to turn it off (and have the setting to set power on when power is restored).

I mainly use it to monitor the power, so I changed the main from switch to power for my use case. I keep all my power monitoring devices in a Power Monitors “room” so I can view them all on the same screen, and prefer to see the current watts there (I know I may be in the minority on that one)

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Finally had the ghost off/on thing happen again, this time on the other ZEN15 of mine.

The switch was NOT turned off manually or by any other means. You can see it continued to report power usage after the OFF command so it was definitely still physically on.

Support have not replied yet to my inquiry on the Aeons that are doing this.

It does look like ST is creating ghost on/off commands. Or maybe the devices are faulty. But I doubt the latter as this is happening on the Aeons and Zoozs.

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I didn’t think this was happening to me, but I guess it is. Check this out:


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I think but can’t be sure that I had this on a regular GE Z-Wave switch today as well. I say I can’t be sure because I have automations on that device so can’t rule out issues there but it seems suspicious …

In this case though the device was actually on when I went to look. The last OFF is me turning it off. May be unrelated.

@Nezmo and @krlaframboise,

3 of my 5 Zooz switches are doing this, and none of my Aeons are doing this.

The 2 Zooz devices not doing this are almost always sending power readings.

I’ll keep an eye on this for a while.

I have one Aeon on a stock handler and two on a custom - all have the ON/OFF reporting issue.

Both my Zoozs are doing it.

In all cases whether they are reporting power or not does not seem to make a difference. For example, I have one Aeon that has nothing plugged in to it and it can report OFF erroneously just like the others that do have things plugged in to them. In fact, it seems those devices that are actively reporting power have the OFF/ON reporting issue more frequently but that’s anecdotal until I gather more data.

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Here’s another device, but data from the Recently tab:

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Just to let you guys know that you don’t have a monopoly on all the fun with the ZEN15s — both my zooZs are randomly displaying ON-switch events along with 9-gawd-zillian Max AMP readings :confused:


I posted a new version of the DTH the other day that should have stopped the impossibly high readings going forward.

Did you reset the stats after upgrading to the latest version?