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[RELEASE] Zooz Power Switch / Zooz Smart Plug


(Jim Gaudette) #259

Do the 06 and the 15 use the same dth? I currently show 1.5 and 1.4. If so can I switch both to 2.0?

(Kevin) #260

No they don’t, but I should be posting the ZEN15 VER 2.0 handler this weekend.

(Kevin) #261

Zooz Power Switch VER 2.0

I just released a new version that supports the new configuration parameters of the Zooz Power Switch VER 2.0 (ZEN15).

I’ve displayed “(FIRMWARE 2.0)” next to all the options that are only supported by the new firmware and if you select an option that is not supported by your device it will display a warning in live logging when you save and ignore the setting.

The new settings are technically supported by firmware 1.3, but I don’t believe any devices were sold with that firmware.

(Warren) #262

There might be some confusion for others so I thought I’d add that the most recent Zooz ZEN15 firmware is v1.3 - there is no v2.0 firmware. The model number of the switch is v2.0 but the firmware it runs is v1.3 according to what I was told.


  1. I only see one setting in the new ZEN15 DTH that has the “(FIRMWARE 2.0)” note next to it - the Manual Control option. You mention “options” so am I missing something perhaps?
  2. After updating the firmware, at the bottom of the settings screen in the new DTH, I noticed that the version changed from v1.2 to v1.3. I haven’t looked at the code but does the new DTH explicitly look for the text “2.0” in the version number when deciding to make settings or what exactly?

(Kevin) #263

I was told by Zooz that the VER 2.0 model would have version 2.0 firmware, but apparently I was given bad information. I’ll change the option labels in the code to reflect 1.3 and above.

The LED Setting has 2 new options.

The new settings work with version 1.3 and above so everything should work as expected after your firmware upgrade.


Hi @krlaframboise,

I’m trying out your DTH, and caught these in live logging:

Any ideas where that’s coming from? My device is reporting firmware v1.2 for my ZEN15.

(Kevin) #265

For command 3200, 32 is the meter command class and 00 is the command, but 00 isn’t a valid command so SmartThings isn’t able to parse it and is throwing an exception.

That error has nothing to do with the changes I made to the handler, but it’s strange that the device is sending them.

(Warren) #266

It’s basically the same issue I reported a few months ago:

This was of course with the old firmware and old DTH, so nothing new but for sure an (minor but annoying) issue I would say. Someone should bounce this off of Zooz.

(Warren) #267

@krlaframboise, while I don’t think it has anything to do with the 3200 message warnings mentioned above, one thing I noticed with the newest DTH and/or firmware is that the voltage value seems to be incorrect and offset, in my case, by about +15 volts give or take - not sure about the other reports but the voltage was obvious though the current and power reading are suspect too since absolute 0 seems unlikely (idle sump pump).

I thought that it was just a bad plug but I have several and I measured the voltage with a bench instrument just to be sure. I don’t think it is the new DTH per se because the Zooz switches that are on the old 1.2 firmware with the new DTH report the correct voltage but what I was thinking was that maybe it was the combo of the 1.3 firmware and the new DTH meaning the message changed or something. But, in an oddity of a data point, when I went to a device that had been upgraded to the 1.3 firmware, the voltage in the ST app showed correctly and for the firmware version number it showed “- -”. I then went into the settings, changed a couple of things and saved and then, snap, the firmware showed as 1.3 and the voltage changed upwards of +15 volts a few seconds later.

Maybe this is a support question for @TheSmartestHouse if it’s a pure firmware issue since they’re the US agent for Zooz.

Here is a Zooz ZEN15 using the new DTH but old firmware (correct voltage):

Here is a Zooz ZEN15 using the new DTH and new firmware (incorrect voltage):


Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into it right away!

(Kevin) #269

All I did was make a few changes to the configuration parameters, change some trace log lines to debug log lines, and increase the delay between some commands being sent to the device so it’s not possible that the new version of the DTH is causing any of these new issues.

The device requests a lot of reports when the device is joined so it can take 30+ seconds for all the tiles to populate. Sometimes some of the commands get dropped by ST so the tiles won’t get populated until the settings are saved.

(Warren) #270

Agreed but this was from an existing device. I simply saved the device settings and the “Firmware version” and voltage value updated a second or two after the save. But, I agree with everything else you’re saying and think it probably is a firmware change that is the cause here…and looks like they are investigating it.

(Warren) #271

@TheSmartestHouse, while you are at it, it might be me but it seems that with the 1.3 firmware I get like no or very little in the way of reports. Before, the devices were quite talkative. I need to take some logs for a longer time but it would seem that something isn’t being reported back to the hub that previously was. Thanks and appreciate the great support as always!!

(Kevin) #272

Users were having issues with Smart Lighting because of duplicate events so I stopped forcing state change to true in the version I posted a couple of weeks ago.

Because of that change the recently tab will only show events that aren’t duplicate, but live logging should still show everything being reported by the device.

(Warren) #273

I think it must be something in the new firmware then. Using the new DTH, I have one ZEN15 that is reporting status normally as it used to with the old DTH. Also using the new DTH are several ZEN15 that have been upgraded to v1.3 which basically send next to nothing - even after a complete reset and repairing. Sounds like some QA is happening here.

(Warren) #274

One thing I will add is that old firmware or new, with the new DTH, I don’t see reports per the set intervals. For instance, if I set all of them to the minimum (like 5 seconds), I still get nothing much unless I hit refersh in the app. For instance, here is what I am seeing on a device with the old firmware:

Hitting refresh at 9:50 got me those two events at the top (and then the ST app updated) but in reality I should have been getting lots of stuff, no?

(Kevin) #275

Uncomment the log.trace line at the bottom of the code and see if that makes a difference.

(Warren) #276

Ok, so there is definitely a difference here but not sure what the deal is. Here are three different devices, all with the new DTH:

  1. Old firmware idle device (sump pump) with default reporting

  2. New firmware idle device (sump pump) with maximum reporting (every 5 sec, etc.)

  3. Old firmware device off and then on (should be 300W+ on) with default reporting

I have no idea what is going on since log 1 and 3 above are very different and log 2 is just odd IMO.

(Kevin) #277

If I had to guess, having the device send 4 reports every 5 seconds is most likely flooding your z-wave mesh causing ST to drop most of the reports.

To test that theory, change them all to 30 seconds and see if the reports become more reliable.


I’m getting something slightly different …

ZEN15 firmware 1.2.