[RELEASE] Zooz Power Strip

Some other community members have already created DTHs for the Zooz Power Strip (ZEN20), but they didn’t fit my needs so I’ve created another one.

I created this DTH from scratch specifically for this device instead of modifying an existing DTH for a similar product.

Here’s a list of its features:

  • The 5 outlets can be controlled separately using the custom commands ch1On, ch1Off, ch2On, ch2Off, etc. This requires the use of a SmartApp that supports custom commands, like CoRE.

  • The Main Switch Behavior setting for each outlet determines how it responds to the switch.on/switch.off commands.

  • On/Off: Switch.on command turns it on and Switch.off command turns it off.

  • On: Switch.on command turns the outlet on, but Switch.off doesn’t turn it off.

  • Off: Switch.off turns the outlet off, but Switch.on doesn’t turn it on.

  • None: The outlet ignores the Switch.on and Switch.off commands.

  • The Main Switch shows “on” when ANY of the outlets with the Main Switch Behavior set to “on” or “on/off” are on.

  • The Main Switch shows “off” when ALL of the outlets with the Main Switch Behavior set to “off” or “on/off” are off.

  • Main Switch Delay setting allows the Main Switch to turn the outlets on/off gradually instead of all at once.

  • Creates Digital events when turned on/off from SmartApp and Physical events when the buttons on the power strip are pushed.

  • Supports polling so that other SmartApps like the “Simple Device Viewer” can be used to monitor it and report if it stops responding.

For instructions on using custom device type handlers, see the ThingsThatAreSmart Wiki.


If you want an easy way to use each device as a separate outlet install the device handler in the top post of this Topic and switch the zooz power strip to it.

Then install the Virtual Switch device handler.

Then install the Zooz Power Strip Helper SmartApp

The SmartApp will generate the virtual devices and keep them in sync with the outlets, but it’s something I quickly through together so I didn’t include options for custom names or choosing which outlets to create.

If you go into the settings of the virtual devices after they’re created you can rename them and remove the ones you don’t need.

When you go to remove the virtual device it will display a warning about the SmartApp, but just tap “Remove Anyways” and then choose “Force” if prompted.

If you later want to add an outlet, re-run the Create Virtual Devices step in the SmartApp and it will create virtual devices for the outlets that don’t already have one.

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Can reach plug be renamed and have Alexa control with this dth

I have installed the dth, then I added the strip to smartthings, I tried to install the virtual switch but when I click the link nothing comes up, just a blank page, also how do I know if the strip is using you dth that I just published?

Yes, but you need to install the SmartApp too.

If you install the SmartApp it will automatically generate the 5 virtual devices. Once they’ve been created you can rename them.