[RELEASE] Zooz MultiRelay (ZEN16)

The first few versions had workarounds related to trying to get it to work in the new mobile app, but that’s been fixed in the latest version and the custom child switch handler is no longer needed.

Don’t trust anything you see in the simulator, that thing is completely useless…

Thanks for responding Kevin! Turns out that my system is a MyQ based system. The ZEN16 specifically says it will not work with these… Going to go another route. Thanks!

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Dear @krlaframboise

Thanks for creating an excellent ZEN16 DTH which installed first try in the ST classic client. I changed all the relay settings to be momentary with a 2 sec timeout and the DTH synced these parameters as expected. :wave:

I was successful in using the ZEN16 to momentary trip my “unsupported Broan NUTONE C500” tubular chime based doorbell when the Ring Doorbell Pro button is pushed which makes my wife happy since this doorbell makes a spectacular sound.

Ring tech support confirmed that all ‘Broan mechanical doorbells’ are not supported after my purchase of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro w/ Power Kit V2 :rage:. I told them that I HAD checked the Ring Video Doorbell incompatibility list and that my Broan C500 model was not on their list for incompatible systems.

So using the ZEN16 with your DTH worked perfectly to momentary close the doorbell circuit when the Ring Doorbell (connected to SmartThings) registers a ‘button’ pushed event.

Again thanks! :grinning:


I’ve tried setting up a garage door opener using the smartapp Zooz Garage Door Opener v1.0.1 and device handler Zooz MultiRelay v1.2.

the relay and child switches are added fine, and I’ve created the garage doors in the smartapp, but it does not create them as devices.

The relay switch devices are there, and do control the doors, but there is no garage door device that shows any action or status. I’m not sure what is missing. can anyone help

I’ve tried setting up using classic and new apps - on android, but get the same results

The first post of the Garage Door App’s topic has links to the SmartApp and the Zooz Garage Door DTH.

Did you install that DTH too or just the MultiRelay?

DOH Yes that was it! Thanks so much for the quick reply

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Thank you for the donation, I really appreciate it.

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should have been more - your contribution is quite useful and appreciated