[RELEASE] Zooz Motion Sensor ZSE18

Well it’s Monday morning and I see nothing. Still chasing those aliens?

Someone must have cursed the delivery (not pointing any finger here :smiley: ), there’s a customs-related delay but we hope tomorrow or Wednesday we’ll finally receive them. We’ll keep you guys posted!

Not pointing any FINGER (not fingers)?

We know you are blaming E.T.

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Looks like they’re moving, we should start shipping out today and for the time being, you get a nice promo price of $19.95 through 5/14:


Well that price made the 3 month wait almost worth it. :slight_smile:

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Just to be safe is the USB micro b or c?

It’s micro B, we sell 2 types of cables and adapters here:

Is there any reason to pull the battery and pull tap if running on usb?

Not really, you can leave it as is if the battery is not activated.

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It depends…

If it’s included using the normal procedure described in the manual then it can be powered by USB or battery. Leaving the batteries in so it continues working during a power failure can be useful, but only if your internet is on a battery backup.

If the device is included as a repeater it can still run on batteries, but it will most likely burn through them in a matter of hours so I wouldn’t bother keeping them in the device.


Have zooz 4 in 1 and the new 18’s. Under sensitivity one has 1 as least and the other has 1 as most. Guess it could be true but suspect not. Is 4 in 1 wrong or are they really opposite each other?

They’re completely different devices… The handlers match the manuals and I doubt the manuals are wrong.

ZSE40 and ZSE18 have different settings and the sensitivity values are reversed. They also have separate handlers to match the settings.

So after zse18 params are set up what’s the best dth to run local?

If you’re not using it for vibration then use the Z-Wave Motion Sensor handler. I just checked its code and it has the ZSE18 fingerprint in it so the battery reporting and motion detection must work.


Thank you for your help with all this Kevin…

I get lots of small internet drops and currently the no motion was sent during an outage so my app still says motion.

My question is, since I’m hooked up via USB shouldn’t a refresh inform my app there is no motion? It doesn’t… :slight_smile:

It depends on if the device was joined as a powered or battery device. Does the battery tile show a battery % or USB icon?

USB symbol

I double checked the code and if the Refresh tile is tapped and it was joined as a USB device, it requests the motion status so that should have worked.

What does live logging show when you tap the refresh tile?

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