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[RELEASE] Zooz Motion Sensor ZSE18

(Jim Gaudette) #62

Well it’s Monday morning and I see nothing. Still chasing those aliens?


Someone must have cursed the delivery (not pointing any finger here :smiley: ), there’s a customs-related delay but we hope tomorrow or Wednesday we’ll finally receive them. We’ll keep you guys posted!

(Jim Gaudette) #64

Not pointing any FINGER (not fingers)?

We know you are blaming E.T.

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Looks like they’re moving, we should start shipping out today and for the time being, you get a nice promo price of $19.95 through 5/14:

(Jim Gaudette) #66

Well that price made the 3 month wait almost worth it. :slight_smile:

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(Jim Gaudette) #67

Just to be safe is the USB micro b or c?


It’s micro B, we sell 2 types of cables and adapters here:

(Jim Gaudette) #69

Is there any reason to pull the battery and pull tap if running on usb?


Not really, you can leave it as is if the battery is not activated.

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(Kevin) #71

It depends…

If it’s included using the normal procedure described in the manual then it can be powered by USB or battery. Leaving the batteries in so it continues working during a power failure can be useful, but only if your internet is on a battery backup.

If the device is included as a repeater it can still run on batteries, but it will most likely burn through them in a matter of hours so I wouldn’t bother keeping them in the device.

(Jim Gaudette) #72

Have zooz 4 in 1 and the new 18’s. Under sensitivity one has 1 as least and the other has 1 as most. Guess it could be true but suspect not. Is 4 in 1 wrong or are they really opposite each other?

(Kevin) #73

They’re completely different devices… The handlers match the manuals and I doubt the manuals are wrong.


ZSE40 and ZSE18 have different settings and the sensitivity values are reversed. They also have separate handlers to match the settings.

(Jim Gaudette) #75

So after zse18 params are set up what’s the best dth to run local?

(Kevin) #76

If you’re not using it for vibration then use the Z-Wave Motion Sensor handler. I just checked its code and it has the ZSE18 fingerprint in it so the battery reporting and motion detection must work.

(Jim Gaudette) #77

Thank you for your help with all this Kevin…