[RELEASE] Zooz Double Plug

The child switches are working in the new app now :+1:t2:

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The outlets for the Power Strip are now working with the new mobile app too…

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Could the “auto turn on” after xx time period feature of your dth be used to power cycle a modem or router? Or does the plug need to be connected to the cloud to auto turn on?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for all your great contributions.

That functionality is handled by the device’s firmware so it should still perform the action without an internet connection and/or the hub.


Thanks a ton for the reply!

I need a method to reboot my “WISP” (Wireless Internet Service Provider) antennae and a router at a vacation home when I am not present.

When I was configuring ZEN25 plug (with your dth- thanks) that I am using on my water softener and UV system, I noticed the “auto turn on after” and was hoping that I could then use that feature to be able to power cycle a router and “WISP” antennae from a remote location.

Thanks again !

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Hi Kevin – Today, my Zooz Double Plugs started showing up as “Tile Missing” in Classic. This happened after attempting to rename them. I was able to access and rename them in the Connect app. How can I resolve?

I’ve only seen that happen when someone tried to change the name of a device handler that was already assigned to a device or messed something up in the device handler.

Try opening the device in the IDE and make sure it’s still set to the correct type.

If it’s one of the outlet devices then try opening the device with the issue and save the settings. If you can’t do it from the classic mobile app then try it from the IDE.

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