[RELEASE] Zooz Double Plug

The refresh button requests 16 reports from the device so I wouldn’t execute it more than once per minute…

Would it be possible to adjust the voltage reporting threshold? Right now for me it is reporting several times a minute very small fluctuations and this is cluttering the logs and degrading Z-wave performance.

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You should be able to adjust the reporting threshold for Voltage if you click on the Double Plug device and then on the gear icon in the Classic app, it’s one of the advanced settings.

There is only a setting for changing the frequency of voltage reports (meaning reports which happen regardless of change) but not a setting for voltage threshold. There is a setting for power threshold but that is not what I am looking for. I need it to ignore the small voltage changes which are clogging the logs.

Got it! There’s currently not a way to adjust the reporting frequency using a threshold but we’ll add it in the next firmware update if possible. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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For some reason by Energy (kWh) reading is not auto reporting. I have it set to 1 minute and after an hour it didn’t update. If I hit refresh it updates.

What are you using for the energy reporting interval and does the device show that there are pending changes?

I have two of these plus and one is set to 1 minute the other is set to 5 minutes and neither is updating.

The power and voltage readings update but not the energy.

I apologize but I’m not sure how to determine pending changes.

There’s a tile that either shows “synced” or “# pending changes”.

I dont see that in the app or on the website… when I go to “Events” for the device on the website see the current, voltage and power updating regularly but not the energy.

Are you using the custom device handler from this thread, or something else?

I am using the handler from this thread, but may have fixed it, I unplugged and plugged it back in and now it works for some reason.

@TheSmartestHouse considering one of these but holding off given it’s a new product and waiting on updates to settle. This comment has me curious, how would I update the firmware on a Zooz Zwave device since ST doesn’t provide this feature?

You need a z-wave stick and software like HomeSeer Z-Flash or Z-Wave PC Controller.

Does Zooz make the firmware available? I’ve never checked. I know they also sell their own zwave stick so wasn’t sure if that was required.

I don’t believe there posted anywhere, but they’ll send you a link to it if you contact them.

No that’s not required, I’m using the Aeotec z-stick…


You can see full instructions here too. Whenever you get in touch with Zooz support just include your order number and you’ll get the most recent OTA file if needed.


I just picked one of these up to control 2 nightstand lamps. The dth works well. My question is what is the best way to control the lamps separately using 2 Smartthings buttons. I typically use Smart Lighting but not sure how to control the lamps separately that way.

If you installed both drivers then you should see a device for the Double Plug and a device for each outlet (right and left) so in Smart Lighting all you have to do is select the device of the outlet you want to control.

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Ah - ok. For some reason, I only had the main device installed. I excluded it and then re-ran inclusion and then the left and right plugs appeared. Thanks!

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