[RELEASE] Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor



Hi Shane, would you mind getting in touch with our support for more in-depth troubleshooting of the issue?

(Marc Vista) #349

I managed to add the zooz 4-in-1 sensor and the monoprice 4-in-1 sensor.
but both only show motion, temperature and battery.

How am I able to show the rest like “krlaframboise” is showing. Amazing!

I am a newbee and do not know how to change the settings.
i have the iphone version of smartthings.

Please help.
thank you

(Kevin) #350

Make sure you’re using the SmartThings Classic mobile app because custom code doesn’t work with their new app.

Here’s a tutorial on using custom device handlers:


(Marc Vista) #351

thank you for sending the information on how to add smartapps.
Can you share with me which smart app you recommend that would work with for the 4 in 1 sensors

(Kevin) #352

You should have been looking at the how to use Custom Device Handlers section. After you assign the custom device handler to the device you can use it with any SmartApp.

(Kevin) #353

I just posted a new version which provides limited functionality with the new mobile app. If you want to edit the settings you’ll need to use the classic app and custom handlers are not officially supported in the new mobile app yet so this handler could stop working with the new mobile app without any notice.

If the device was added using the new mobile app before you installed this code, I believe you need to install the code, remove the device, and then add the device again.

If the device was added using the classic mobile app you should be able to make it appear in the new mobile app by updating the code and then saving the device settings screen using the classic mobile app.

(Jimmy) #354

i’ve had luck switching the handler to another, waiting a couple minutes, then switching it back. This seems to reset the UI for that device in the new app.

(Shane Korbel) #355

yes, i still have the email address i think


Kevin, “Community Master” is truly an understatement . I was ready to trash the Zooz 4in1 sensor I have. Your new handler is fantastic. It’s so good I could understand if the price of this sensor went up !
Many Thnaks for your work on this !

I’m going to try to look for a list of all devices you’ve written handlers for, and buy those!

(Kevin) #357

I’m glad the DTH is working for you.

It’s a long list

(Ricardo Jones) #358

I’m using Kevin’s DTH with a zooz 4-in-1. How do I change the reporting of humidity to once/minute. I’m going through the settings but it isn’t very intuitive.

(Kevin) #359

You can’t.

The device takes measurements at about 3 minute intervals and that’s not something that can be changed.

Setting the Humidity Change Trigger to 1 will most likely make it report the humidity every 3 minutes, but you won’t be able to make it report more often than that.

After changing the settings make sure you wake the device up using the paperclip.

(Jimmy) #360

Has anybody seen problems with V3 reporting motion events every 2 minutes when the battery is low? Have some batteries coming from Amazon, but figured I’d check here too.

(Magnus Back) #361

There is no way to reliably get it to report every 3 minutes. More like 8 or 10. Seriously bad implementation.
And the battery level reporting is not correct. Goes from full to zero within week.s

(Kevin) #362

The device doesn’t support interval based reporting…

It checks the sensors values about every 3 minutes and if any of them exceed their threshold settings then all 3 values are reported…

The DTH has no control over this or the battery reporting…

(Magnus Back) #363

That might be. The device however clearly don’t do any readings for up to 8-10 minutes.

(Jimmy) #364

Has anyone having trouble getting a flood of motion messages every time there is motion? V3 device using the most recent handler.

(Kevin) #365

I used to have it ignore duplicate events, but some users were reporting that it wasn’t reporting motion reliably so I removed the duplicate check and that solved their problem.

I’ll add a setting that allows you to choose which way it works, but in the meantime if you replace false with true on line 819 you shouldn’t see any more duplicates.


Zooz 4 in 1 version 2
Firmware version 17.9
SmartThings V2 hub and classic app

I recently bought 2 of these sensors. I setup the custom DTH in the SmartThings IDE, then I added the sensor to SmartThings. It was recognized as the Zooz 4-in1 sensor and it seemed to pair fine. I then noticed none of the values were updating and motion was “stuck on”. I changed the DTH settings to update temp at .1 change and humidity at 1% change, saved the settings, then pushed the button on the sensor and the pending updates were saved. I gave it well over an hour and still none of the values changed and motion was still stuck on. I removed the sensor from ST, did a factory reset on the sensor, and added it back. This time it paired as an Open/Close sensor. I went into the IDE and changed it to use the Zooz DTH, but nothing was working at all. I removed the sensor again, factory reset again, added it back to ST. This time it paired as Zooz 4-in-1 sensor and now all the values are updating. Frustrating, but it’s working now.

Couple of questions:

  1. I changed my primary status to temperature. Back in the day when I used ST on a windows phone, that version allowed me to choose to display either motion or temp on the tile. I changed all mine to show temperature and it displays as a big number with a colored circle around in the device screen and on the dashboard. Can the primary status tile be changed to show just what you choose for primary status and remove the motion double arrows?

  2. What does the “Last Activity” tile display. Is that the last time any of the values updated?

  3. What does “Minimum check-in interval do?

Thanks. Appreciate the great work on the DTH.

(Kevin) #367

Not without changing the code.

The last time the device sent any command to the hub.

Changes the devices wake up interval.