[RELEASE] Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor


(Matt Barnette) #246

How do we get your DTH Nezmo?

(Kevin) #247

I’ll be releasing a new version of this topic’s handler tonight that has multiple bug fixes, icons, and rounding options…

(Matt Barnette) #248

Thanks. I have the Monoprice 4-in-1. With the DTH work with that?


You might want to stick with Kevin’s release. The work I did is specifically for iOS and will not render nicely on Android. If you are using iOS I’d be glad to get mine on GitHub for you to pick up.

But for now I would recommend you wait on Kevin’s release.


Screen Shots Sent


I’m using Kevin’s handler for the Zooz, but in Android (Pixel2), I am having trouble changing the settings. After I make the changes, I press the Replace button, but then it thinks and things and eventually I get a get a message that Replace mode has timed out. Also that message is only 1/2 displaying because the white circle just wider than the blue dot is partially covering up the “has timed out” text. But fundamentally, the settings are not being sent to the Zooz. If I look at them after the timeout message on either Android or on a PC with the IDE, the settings are what they were previously.

(Kevin) #253

That Replace button has nothing to do with the DTH and is used to replace the device with another device.

This device sleeps so after changing the settings and tapping Save you have to wake the device up. You can force the device to wake up by using a paperclip to push the recessed button on the bottom of the device.


My mistake, sorry. That works.

(Kevin) #255

[RELEASE] Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor VER 2.0

I just published a new version of this DTH that has the following changes:

  • Added tile icons.
  • Added setting that allows you to choose whether it displays 0, 1, or 2 decimal places for all values.
  • Changed Offsets to decimal inputs
  • Fixed: Tiles not populating on initial install.
  • Fixed: Primary status changes show immediately after saving.
  • Fixed: Offsets not showing immediately after saving.
  • Fixed: Motion tile not updating immediately on iOS.
  • Fixed: Recently tab icons and text.

Android and iOS render them differently:

Android Screenshot

iOS Screenshot

(Alec McLure) #256

Kevin, @krlaframboise This is a great update - love the customizable decimal places.

On my iPhone it looks even better than the screenshot above - note that you see the full icons on top rows.

Thanks again!


They’re only cut off on the image posted above due to the amount of room for the screen grab.

(Magnus Back) #258

I installed the new hardware version and also upgraded to the 2.0 DTH.
Now it takes a very long time for the unit to report changes in humidity, looks like 10 minutes?
How can I decrease that?

(Alec McLure) #259

ah - got it Nezmo!

(Kevin) #260

The DTH has no effect on that. The device takes measurements at 3 minute intervals and it will only report those values if either illuminance, humidity, or temperature have exceeded the reporting threshold specified in the settings.

After making changes to the settings make sure you wake the device up with the paperclip and verify that the middle tile no longer shows a number of pending changes.


I’m having the same problem with inconsistent reporting in by the monoprice sensors. I have brand new lithium batteries and they show at 100%. These devices are set for a minimum reporting time of 4 hours with battery reporting every 12 hours. Sometimes they check in, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they check in only to report only their battery. Overall these sensors are starting to look like junk. How can i fix this? They are the monoprice sensors running 5.1 firmware. They are located in the same room at my smarthings v2 hub.

(Magnus Back) #262

I set the reporting threshold to 1%. It takes about 8-9 minutes for it to change. The jump in % is much higher than 1%. For instance from 48.5% to 74.9%.
8 minutes is just way too long. Very disappointed with this new Zooz unit, the old one was faster.

(Kevin) #263

The Monoprice version has a lot of issues, but I find the Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor VER 2.0 really reliable.

Did you wake the device up after making that change.

I believe the device takes measurements every 3 minutes so it shouldn’t be taking that long to see the change.

Check the event history in the IDE to verify that it’s really taking that long. It’s possible the device is reporting the change sooner, but it’s taking longer to see change the change in the mobile app because of the ST caching issue.


And yet after several weeks I have found mine to be very reliable (same firmware v5.1).

The biggest hurdle for me was understanding the configuring which has been explained in this thread many times and it is critical to do it right. I also made handler changes in how it displays pending changes as the config tile messages were otherwise confusing in iOS (but the latter wouldn’t affect functionality - it was just the UI was confusing me).

But the sensor is responsive (motion is slightly behind Iris sensors in performance which are probably the best so …) and the other sensors seem to report reliably. Battery reports are about what I’d expect to.

(Magnus Back) #265

Yes I woke it up, no pending settings.
I also added humidity as secondary status.
Looking in the logfiles I see it doesn’t report humidity changes or illumination for long stretches of time and then it flips and reads 13% higher.

2018-04-06 2:34:23.730 PM PDT
2 days ago DEVICE secondaryStatus 68.18% RH Zooz 4-in-1 Multisensor Bathroom: SecondaryStatus is 68.18% RH true
2018-04-06 2:34:23.730 PM PDT
2 days ago DEVICE humidity 68.18 Zooz 4-in-1 Multisensor Bathroom: 68.18% RH true
2018-04-06 2:34:24.271 PM PDT
2 days ago DEVICE secondaryStatus 55.21% RH Zooz 4-in-1 Multisensor Bathroom: SecondaryStatus is 55.21% RH true

(Kevin) #266

Change the secondary status to something else like motion and see if it starts reporting reliably.

I think it’s reporting humidity as expected, but there’s an issue with the secondary status which is causing it to always report the previous humidity value.