[RELEASE] Zipato/Phileo Multisound Siren (PH-PSE02.US)

I managed to fix it. I had to cut usb cable and solder positive and negative to pin1 and pin4. Battery side (pin1) was for the Red wire. It was really really really hard atleast for me to solder so tiny thing but this time I did it. Wiring usb cable straight to battery terminals was not possible because there seems to be some kind of mechanism that needs wires to charger port. It wont work if 5v is connected only to battery.

got the siren but with this device handler nothing happens it works fine with the default z wave siren handler but with this one nothing works cant get anything to happen.

This handler was created for the square flat Zipato siren that was released several years ago so if you have their new siren it’s not going to work with this handler.

Does the model # of your device match the one in the first post of this topic?

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