[RELEASE] Zipato/Phileo Multisound Siren (PH-PSE02.US)

Just wanted to say a big thanks got the EU version of this, used you device handler, up and running in less than 3 minutes! very nice thanks.

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Sorry for the delay in reporting back, i tried the new version with the Devolo and no joy, lights but no sound.

I have tried with 2 different Devolo sirens so know it is not the siren that is defective, its not compatible as you suggested.


Quick question…
I have been looking around a bit in order to figure out how to use this as a door chime. The Speaker Notify with Sound smartapp no longer exists from what I see. I have seen other posts saying the name changed to Speaker Companion. In that smartapp I do not see the ability to choose a Custom Message when the Zipato Siren is selected as the speaker player. There is a message which reads “This speaker can only play current selection” which shows when the siren is selected as the speaker. Is there a different smartapp that I should be using?

Have you tried Smart Home Monitor? You should be able to select the device as an audio device and use the custom message to pass it one of the supported commands.

Got it to work through Smart Home Monitor, thanks for the advice. I wasn’t aware that you could create custom actions through the SHM so that is why I thought I needed an additional Smartapp.

I have now encountered an additional problem. I armed the SHM system and opened a door to test the siren. That door is also tied to make a custom sound when opened through the SHM. The siren sounds because of the intrusion detected but is overridden then immediately by the custom sound for when the door opens. The siren doesn’t not come back on after the door chime is complete. Any workaround for this?

If you use a routine or something to change the mode every time the SHM status changes you should be able to restrict the door chime so that it doesn’t play when the system is armed.

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Thanks again, got it working. As you could guess I am pretty new to this and don’t know all the custom setting that can be made. I really appreciate the help!

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Same here, i bought a Devolo thinking it was the same as Zipato but the siren doesn’t turn on when trying with the latest device handler.
The strobe although works very well!
Anyone has any advice on how to troubleshoot further? I’m a developer but i’m new to this Z-Wave stuff so if anybody can point me at the right direction i’d be grateful!

From the manual (google translated)
Play alarm tones
The siren is played with the switch SWITCH_BINARY_SET.
0xFF plays the emergency alarm, 0x00 stops playback.
The device also supports playing NOTIFICATION_REPORT with
different tones.
Notification Event Sound
Smoke alarm (0x01) 0x01 ~ 0xFF Fire siren
Access control (0x06) Window / door open (0x16) Door chime
Access control (0x06) Lock RF operation (0x03) Arming: 2x Beep
Access Control (0x06) Unlock RF Operation (0x04) Disarm: 1x Beep
Home security (0x07) 0x01 ~ 0xFF emergency
Emergency Alarm (0x0A) Contact Police (0x01) Police siren
Emergency Alarm (0x0A) Contact Fire Department (0x02) Fire Alarm
Emergency Alarm (0x0A) Contact Hospital (0x03) Ambulance
Emergency alarm (0x0A) Notification (0xFE) Silent alarm (no sound, only the LED

Any hints?

Also this if it helps

This handler was written for the Zipato device. One of the built-in z-wave siren DTHs, might work with it.

Thanks for the reply! Yes i’m aware that it was written for the Zipato but i can see from the HW it’s a rebranded Zipato, or clone, or just the same thing from the same manufacturer but with a different, or newer firmware. :slight_smile:

I think i’m closing in into the issue now tho:
It appears that your device handler IS actually working BUT the speaker is simply muted.
There is no “strobe only” function but the alarm is actually on but the speaker is muted.
After digging into this i found a discrepancy from the Zipato documentation:

Could it be something with that? I tried looking into your code but i’m a little confused on how to have that configuration pushed. As soon as i publish and try i don’t see that being called in the live logging :frowning:

(For the rest, the alarm triggering part looks the same, so i’d say it’s something with the configuration that’s fishy! )

(Source: https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/2308 - Manual https://products.z-wavealliance.org/ProductManual/File?folder=&filename=Manuals/2308/MT02758_manual.pdf)

PS: Not my intention to bug you, just humbly asking for help or hints from a fellow coder :slightly_smiling_face:

The Zipato siren only has 0 or 1 as options for that setting and it default to 0 so you could try changing it to 1 by adding the line below to the updated method, right about the return statement.

cmds << configSetCmd(7, 1)

Thank you! I run some tries that were unsuccessful (also with bit manipulation to set the right bits on the byte) but i can’t seem to see the configure() part being called.
Do you have any tricks on how to force it there or “force” the configuration to be sent out for trying/debugging purposes?

Update, i got it working, it was that config giving issues! :slight_smile: Being stubborn has its advantages :wink:
But just for curiosity, when is that configuration part being called really and how to trigger it?

I forgot to mention that you had to go into the settings and tap save to execute that command.

Hi, is there a way to mute zipato/phileo siren physically? Is it going to alarm until someone presses “off” from app?

Yes, but you have to open the device and press a combination of buttons that are really small so it’s not something you want to try and figure out while it’s going off.

There’s also an alarm duration setting which determines how long the alarm stays on before automatically turning off.

Okay, thanks. I set alarm duration to 5min. I quess that will be enought to scare thief away and in false alarm case neighbors can handle 5min alarm.

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Hi, is there anyone who understands electricity and wiring?
I managed to broke my Zipato siren. Usb port from siren was broken and I can’t charge its battery or keep it on and powered anymore. I can’t solder it because it’s so tiny.
Then I noticed that if backup battery is charged when it’s plugged to outlet then there could be possibility to connect charger straight to battery terminals.
There’s three terminals, + - and T. Could it be possible to use original charger and wire to connect charger straight to terminals to get it back on? I would lose battery backup ofcourse but that’s not my biggest issue at the time. Here’s couple of pictures.

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