[Release] Z-Wave.me, Popp, & Devolo Wireless wall Controller & Key Fob (EU), with button controller dimming apps and CoRE integration


Thanks for the DH and App. If you ever make any further changes I relly think the App needs seperate ON and OFF sections as opposed to just a Toggle. For example, with the the Devolo or Popp 4 Button Switch you are not able to set one of the toggles to be ‘up’ for on and ‘down’ for off as no ability to set a switch to be either On or Off. hope that makes sense. I have reverted back to the Button Controler Plus App which does allow this but would be great to be able use your App with ‘your’ dimming setup but as mentioned I really think it woudl benefit from seperate ON/Off sections for the each button.


Lately I am experiencing problems with my Zwave.me wall controllers using this DH!
Several operations on my 5 devices are no longer executed and when I look in the Andoid ST clasic app I can no longer find or set the “button number” in 4 of 5 devices: the configurations just ends with the general device name where formerly -and also still in the working device!-the button number configuration was next shown.

I tried several basic things in the ST IDE such re-selecting the DH and re-saving the devices, copied the DH to new name DH and updated the devices but with no improvements.

I have some questions:
a) Is the 1.7.5 DH still the latest one (for the EU)? I searched but cannot find a newer version.
b) what is an effective method to make sure that the DH is definitely reloaded/updated?
c) Do you have any idea what causes my problems and how to fix it?
d) what is meant to happen with the “configure” button in the Android app? I see nothing happening

And out of curiosity…
e) I am not a programmer so forgive me my ignorance: I assume everybody prefers to have any button processed locally. Is it not possible to write a DH for this -or any- controller to emulate buttons of another controller that is actually locally processed by ST?

Cheers, Ronald

Hi Everyone,

I have just bought this zme_wallc_s branded Schwaiger. Unfortunately the DH created by AdamV doesn’t work well in my case (ST V3, new app). I have tried with classic app, everything works as expected but I only see one button and no options to control devices.

Is there an updated version of this DH?
This wall switch is great and cheap, I really want to avoid sending it back :slight_smile:

Hi Adam, is there an update of the dh for the latest ST app?
Thanks, Luc